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JC Veterans Affairs continues to shape next outreach event

Newton Daily News - 1/9/2020

Jan. 9--Further discussion was had on how to shape what the next proposed veterans outreach event might look like by the Jasper County Veterans Affairs Board. The board was presented with a checklist of ideas at its monthly meeting Wednesday ranging from the potential locations for the event and advertising possibilities to a list of speakers or groups the board might want to have available.

"We sent everybody these ideas for Spring RECON," director Kurt Jackson said.

The board was then able to go through the list of ideas and signify whether they liked the idea or think it should be changed. There was plenty of discussion on topics such as the date for the event, advertising and venue, which is proposed to be held at DMACC.

"I think April wouldn't be a bad time to do it," commissioner Jerry Nelson said.

The commission agreed on a tentative time of running from 5 to 8 p.m.April 15 at DMACC. Jackson said he can check with his contacts at DMACC to make sure the time and date would work, and, if it is not available, report back to the board.

"I will call her and verify it and set it up and make sure we are locked in and if I have a problem with that I will let everybody know," Jackson said.

The board was offered a list of advertising options including the Newton Daily News, KCOB and WHO Radio. The options came with the prices attached to them and the board decided WHO Radio wasn't a good option moving forward.

"I don't see a reason, not for WHO," commissioner Mike Naber said.

Commissioner Susan Springer added, "Newspapers, Facebook and KCOB."

The board also discussed food options and how it should move forward with setting up door prizes. The gift cards were presented in three different amounts, $25, $50 and $100, which raised some discussion.

"I think all of the gift cards should be the same amount," Springer said.

Naber added, "Don't tell them what they are."

These ideas are all preliminary and the board will continue to work through them in the months leading up to the event. The board also looked at an extensive list of proposed speakers who could present at the event.

"I just threw this stuff up there just as ideas. If you guys have any objections or don't want me to contact them, just say it. Other than that I am going to go ahead and go down that whole list," Jackson said.

The next regular meeting of the Jasper County Veteran's Affairs is scheduled for 3 p.m.Feb. 12 in the Jasper County Annex Building.

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