CA SB 1079

Title: Youth Housing Bond Act of 2024.
Author: Caroline Menjivar

SB 1079, as amended, Menjivar. Youth Housing Bond Act of 2024. Existing law, the Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018, which was approved by the voters as Proposition 1 at the November 6, 2018, statewide general election, authorizes the issuance of bonds in the amount of $4,000,000,000 pursuant to the State General Obligation Bond Law and requires the proceeds from the sale of these bonds to be used to finance various housing programs and a specified program for farm, home, and mobilehome purchase assistance for veterans, as provided. Existing law establishes, among various other programs intended to address homelessness in this state, the Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention program for the purpose of providing jurisdictions with one-time grant funds to support regional coordination and expand or develop local capacity to address their immediate homelessness challenges informed by a best-practices framework focused on moving homeless individuals and families into permanent housing and supporting the efforts of those individuals and families to maintain their permanent housing.This bill would enact the Youth Housing Bond Act of 2024 (bond act), which, if adopted, would authorize the issuance of bonds in the amount of $1,000,000,000 pursuant to the State General Obligation Bond Law to finance the Youth Housing Program, established as part of the bond act. The bill, as a part of the program, would require the Department of Housing and Community Development to make awards to local agencies, nonprofit organizations, and joint ventures for the purpose of acquiring, renovating, constructing, and purchasing equipment for youth centers or youth housing, as those terms are defined.This bill would provide for submission of the bond act to the voters at the November 5, 2024, statewide general election in accordance with specified law.This bill would declare that it is to take effect immediately as an urgency statute.

Referred to Com. on H. & C.D.

Bill Documents
CA SB 1079 - 05/16/24 - Amended Senate
05/16/24 - CA SB 1079 (05/16/24 - Amended Senate)

CA SB 1079 - 04/02/24 - Amended Senate
04/02/24 - CA SB 1079 (04/02/24 - Amended Senate)

CA SB 1079 - 02/12/24 - Introduced
02/12/24 - CA SB 1079 (02/12/24 - Introduced)

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