CA AB 2634

Title: Sacramento Regional Transit District.
Author: Kevin McCarty

AB 2634, as amended, McCarty. Sacramento Regional Transit District. (1) Existing law authorizes the formation of the Sacramento Regional Transit District with various powers and duties with respect to transportation planning, programming, construction, and operations. Existing law requires each transit operator, including the district, that offers reduced fares to senior citizens to also offer reduced fares to disabled persons, as defined, and disabled veterans, as defined, at the same rate established for senior citizens, as specified.This bill would exempt the district from that requirement until January 1, 2027, as specified. If the district reduces fares for senior citizens below the rate offered to disabled persons or disabled veterans, the bill would prohibit the district from increasing rates for disabled persons and disabled veterans and would require the district to submit a report to the Legislature, as specified.(2) Existing law requires the district to award contracts for the construction of transit works or transit facilities in excess of $5,000 to the lowest responsible bidder after competitive bidding, but exempts the district from this requirement in an emergency declared by a 4/5 vote of the district’s board. Existing law authorizes certain public agencies, not including the district, upon a prescribed finding of emergency, to delegate to the appropriate county administrative officer, city manager, chief engineer, or other nonelected agency officer the authority to order certain actions and procurements without competitive bidding, as specified.This bill would authorize the district to delegate to the appropriate officer the authority to order actions and procurements without competitive bidding in the case of a finding of emergency under these provisions.This bill would make legislative findings and declarations as to the necessity of a special statute for the district.

In Assembly. Concurrence in Senate amendments pending. May be considered on or after June 8 pursuant to Assembly Rule 77.

Bill Documents
CA AB 2634 - 05/30/24 - Amended Senate
05/30/24 - CA AB 2634 (05/30/24 - Amended Senate)

CA AB 2634 - 04/24/24 - Amended Assembly
04/24/24 - CA AB 2634 (04/24/24 - Amended Assembly)

CA AB 2634 - 04/02/24 - Amended Assembly
04/02/24 - CA AB 2634 (04/02/24 - Amended Assembly)

CA AB 2634 - 02/14/24 - Introduced
02/14/24 - CA AB 2634 (02/14/24 - Introduced)

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