CA AB 2256

Title: Net energy metering.
Author: Laura Friedman

AB 2256, as amended, Friedman. Net energy metering. Existing law vests the Public Utilities Commission with regulatory authority over public utilities, including electrical corporations. Existing law requires every electric utility, defined to include electrical corporations, local publicly owned electric utilities, and electrical cooperatives, to develop a standard contract or tariff for net energy metering, as defined, for generation by a renewable electrical generation facility, as defined, and to make this contract or tariff available to eligible customer-generators, as defined, upon request on a first-come-first-served basis until the time that the total rated generating capacity used by eligible customer-generators exceeds 5% of the electric utility’s aggregate customer peak demand.Existing law requires the commission to have developed a 2nd standard contract or tariff for each large electrical corporation, as defined, to provide net energy metering to additional eligible customer-generators in the electrical corporation’s service territory and imposes no limitation on the number of new eligible customer-generators entitled to receive service pursuant to this 2nd standard contract or tariff. Existing law authorizes the commission to revise the 2nd standard contract or tariff as appropriate. Pursuant to that authorization, the commission has instituted rulemakings and issued decisions relating to the 2nd standard contract or tariff.This bill would require the commission to conduct an independent cost-of-service analysis evaluating the standard contract or tariff developed by the commission in a specified decision.

In committee: Set, first hearing. Referred to suspense file.

Bill Documents
CA AB 2256 - 04/29/24 - Amended Assembly
04/29/24 - CA AB 2256 (04/29/24 - Amended Assembly)

CA AB 2256 - 04/01/24 - Amended Assembly
04/01/24 - CA AB 2256 (04/01/24 - Amended Assembly)

CA AB 2256 - 03/11/24 - Amended Assembly
03/11/24 - CA AB 2256 (03/11/24 - Amended Assembly)

CA AB 2256 - 02/08/24 - Introduced
02/08/24 - CA AB 2256 (02/08/24 - Introduced)

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