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Synergistic Physio-Neuro Platform (Synphne)

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-- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype stroke rehabilitation system to guide individuals who have experienced a stroke through the rehabilitation process. Developed by Dr. John Heng and his PhD student Banerji Subhasis, at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University, the new system known as the Synergistic Physio-Neuro Platform (SynPhNe) guides people who have experienced a stroke or brain injury through exercises, monitors their performance, and determine why they are unable to perform certain tasks. A user can employ that knowledge to self-correct his or her actions, minimizing frustration. The SynPhNe system is designed for people who have experienced a stroke or brain injury who have lost the full use of one arm, and who have gone as far as possible with conventional therapy. The system consists of a headset and an arm band, both of which are wired into a computer running custom software. As the user tries to follow along with on-screen arm movement videos, neural sensors in the headset monitor brain activity, while sensors in the arm band keep track of muscular activity in the affected arm. The program uses the sensor readings to determine why the user is unable to perform a certain task and then explains the issue. For example, if a patient wants to move the wrist, but the wrist is not moving, SynPhNe is able to show that the brain sent out a signal, the wrist muscles received it, but because supporting and opposing muscles are clenched, the user will need to relax those opposing muscles in order to move the wrist. Another common problem is that the user may feel stressed while undergoing therapy, which affects muscle control. By showing the stress level on the screen, SynPhNe teaches the user how to control breathing and posture to regain balance and composure so that her or she can continue with the exercises. AUTHOR: Ben Coxworth. TITLE: Stroke rehabilitation system shows users how to improve their dexterity. WEBSITE: Gizmag. REF:


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Synergistic Physio-Neuro Platform (Synphne)

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