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Diy Incredible Elevator Stick

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--- DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --------- PURPOSE: To create a do-it-yourself utility reaching stick for pressing buttons for individuals with upper extremity disabilities. When navigating in small spaces such as an elevator, pressing buttons can be problematic. First, determine the length of the stick needed. The stick should be long enough to reach the highest elevator button for the elevator(s) most likely to be used, but not so long that it is difficult to carry. To determine how long the stick should be, take an un-cut dowel stick into the elevator and see what length is most comfortable to reach the button. Alternatively, sit the tip of the stick on the floor. Generally, the stick should not be much more than 2 or 3 inches above your knee from the position of sitting in a wheelchair. Mark the length of the stick with a pencil, than saw off the excess if necessary. Use paint, stain, decals, glitter or other decorative materials to personalize the stick. Once the stick has been personalized, add a rubber tip on one end. If a magnetic tip is desired, take a small round strong magnet and tape it to the end of the stick before attaching the rubber tip. The magnet needs to be very strong so that it will still work under the rubber tip. Make sure the cap fits securely over the end of the stick. If the tip is loose, wrap tape around the end until it fits tightly on the end of the stick. If the tip does not provide enough grip to manipulate a button or switch, add liquid rubber to the end of the tip. Next, carefully screw the small loop onto the end of the dowel stick. An eye loop usually has a sharp tip and might require some force to screw it into the wood. A tiny dremel tool or drill can be used to assist in this step. The eye loop is used to connect a lanyard that can go over an individual's wrist to help carry the stick and prevent dropping of the stick. The next step is creating a grip for the stick. The grip can be made out of leather lace or scrap leather, which should be cut into a long strip about 0.5 inch wide. Using a hot glue gun, apply glue to the leather and wind the leather around the dowel adding a drop or two of glue to secure the leather to the dowel while smoothing out the leather and making sure it lays flat. Use a piece of tape to hold the leather tightly to the dowel while the glue dries. Take another long strip of leather and tie the leather to both the upper and lower part of the hand grip applying glue to hold it in place (this prevents the leather grip from unwinding). The final step is attaching a lanyard/strip to the end of the dowel through the eye loop by taking a piece of leather lace approximately 16 inches long and tie it into a loop then thread it through the loop and make a knot. Lanyards made for cameras also can be used, or this step skipped completely. MATERIALS: Dowel stick, rubber cap (rubber feet), electrical or duct tape, paint or stain, picture frame eye loop, piece of leather, lanyard (optional), and strong but small magnet that fits into rubber cap (optional). TOOLS: Hot glue and glue gun, and saw (optional). SKILLS REQUIRED: Basic craft ability. AUTHOR: DarkRubyMoon. AUTHOR: Nelson_Yepez. TITLE: The Incredible Amazing Stick! For elevator buttons. WEBSITE: Instructables. REF:


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Diy Incredible Elevator Stick