CA AB 3234

Title: Employers: social compliance audit.
Author: Liz Ortega

AB 3234, as amended, Ortega. Employers: social compliance audit. Existing law establishes the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement within the Department of Industrial Relations and authorizes the division to enforce the provisions of the Labor Code and all labor laws of the state which are not specifically vested in any other officer, board, or commission. Existing law regulates the wages, hours, and working conditions of any man, woman, and minor employed in any occupation, trade, or industry, whether compensation is measured by time, piece, or otherwise, except as specified.This bill would require an employer who has voluntarily subjected itself to a social compliance audit, whether the audit is conducted in part, or in whole, to determine if child labor is involved in the employer’s operations or practices, to post a clear and conspicuous link on its internet website to a report detailing the findings of its compliance with child labor laws. The bill would define the term “social compliance audit” to mean an inspection or assessment of an employer’s operations or practices to determine whether the operations or practices are in compliance with state and federal labor laws, including wage and hour and health and safety regulations, including those regarding child labor. The bill would require that report to include, among other things, whether the employer did or did not engage in, or support the use of, child labor and a copy of any written policies and procedures the employer has and had regarding child employees.

Read second time. Ordered to third reading.

Bill Documents
CA AB 3234 - 05/28/24 - Amended Senate
05/28/24 - CA AB 3234 (05/28/24 - Amended Senate)

CA AB 3234 - 04/01/24 - Amended Assembly
04/01/24 - CA AB 3234 (04/01/24 - Amended Assembly)

CA AB 3234 - 02/16/24 - Introduced
02/16/24 - CA AB 3234 (02/16/24 - Introduced)

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