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Cold War veterans snubbed

The Brandon Sun - 12/4/2018

Sharing my disappointment, re: Dominion Convention 2018 held in Winnipeg.

Legion Dominion convention failed Cold War veterans and snubbed a resolution for support of a Defence of Canada medal. I have no idea of the issues of why the resolution was defeated. However, it tells me the Legion at the Dominion level and some of the Legion commands are not as supportive as they proclaim ... to the thinning ranks of Canada's Cold War veterans. It seems, they boastfully talk of support, but fail, when asked for support of a Cold War medal.

According to Veterans Affairs, in 2016 there were 600,000 deserving veterans of the Cold War period remaining. The average age being 83. I cannot understand why we received a cold shoulder to have us appropriately recognized. One might also ask why a voting support procedure was even needed? No finances were involved, we only wanted support!

I include the wording of Bill C-270, re-introduced by NDP MP Carol Hughes in 2016:

"The medal officially pays tribute to those who served in the defence of Canada from 1946 to 1989. That was when, as states developed weapons of war, we became aware of the fragility of peace and our own vulnerability.

"These individuals served in the protection of Canada from threats posed by the countries behind the Iron Curtain. They were trained and prepared to defend Canada in all ways necessary, but were never engaged on home soil.

"The act represents the vision of retired Captain Ulrich Krings, and has widespread support across the country, especially from those who worked hard to keep us safe and prepared during those unsettling times."

John Fefchak, veteran



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