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A Touch Of Music

A Touch of Music is an auditory training activity designed for use with individuals with cognitive, sensory, and neurological disabilities. This portable board also encourages gross motor movement. The wooden board features a built-in carrying handle and a stand. Mounted to the board are cymbals, a drum, a bugle horn, a call bell, and an eight-note xylophone. Mallets are included with the set.

Tactile Pipeline

The Tactile Pipeline is an eye hand coordination activity designed for use individuals who have visual disabilities or developmental disabilities, attention deficit disorder, or who have had a stroke. The user connects PVC pipe, T's and elbows to create free-form sculptures or to follow a pattern. The set includes a storage toolbox, wooden base, pipe pieces, wooden dowel, two metal chime balls, assorted pompons, instructions, and pattern cards.

Color Connection

Color Connection is an eye hand coordination activity designed for use with individuals with cognitive and learning disabilities. This wooden board game teaches turn-taking, strategic thinking, pattern matching, and color sorting as players try to get their playing pieces into the proper slot.

Preschool Crayons (Model Sc-409)

These Preschool Crayons (no. SC0409) are specially shaped with a large knobbed end so that they are easier to grasp by small children or persons with limited manual dexterity. The crayons are break-resistant and their color won't rub off on skin. These crayons are non-toxic. COLORS: Pink, yellow, green, orange, red, and blue.

Magnetic Wand 7.5In

The Magnetic Wand 7.5in is a magnetic grasping aid for hand for persons with limited manual dexterity. The wand has a magnet on one end, and was designed for use with the World Wide Games Bingo Chips (see separate entry) so the chips are easier to move on the board and to pick up. COLOR: Assorted. DIMENSIONS: 7.5 inches long.

Large Bingo Cards (Set Of 25)

Large Bingo Cards (set of 25) make up a large print game for persons with low vision. The extra large type of the letters and numbers aid visibility. The set includes 25 different cards and is designed to be used with Bingo/Poker Chips (see separate entry). DIMENSIONS (WxH): 8.5 x 11 inches.

Snip Loop Scissors (Model Sz-275)

Snip Loop Scissors (no. SZ-275) are self-opening scissors designed for people with limited manual dexterity or coordination problems. Scissor action is achieved by squeezing the handles together with the hands, arms, or other mobile limb. The blades automatically open with a spring action. DIMENSIONS: 5.5-inch overall scissor length.

Hands-Free Magnifying Glass (Model St-6618)

The Magnifying Glass (no. ST-6618) is a magnifying lens with a neck strap designed for hands-free use by individuals with low vision. The main viewing area provides 2.5 times magnification, and a "minimag" lens inset provides 4 times magnification. Lens comes with a storage bag. MATERIALS: The lens is made of break-resistant acrylic. DIMENSIONS: 5 x 8 inches.

Training Scissors (Models Sz-552 To Sc-554)

Kids Training Scissors are designed to allow the teacher and student to cut together, enabling the student to learn the feel of cutting and to gain coordination. Each set of blades has 4 finger loops. Available for right or left-handed children, in blunt or sharp styles. (SZ-552 Right/Blunt, SZ-554 Left/Blunt; SZ-553 Right/Sharp.) MATERIALS: Forged steel, nickel-plated with plastic-coated handles. DIMENSIONS: Blade lengths are 4.75 inches for blunt ended scissors, and 5 inches for the sharp ende

Sonic Super Ear

The Sonic Super Ear is an assistive listening system designed to pick up sound at the source, amplify it and direct it toward the listener for individuals who hard of hearing. The user puts on the stereo headphones, turns on the system and adjusts the volume. It is completely portable with a spring steel clip provided for attaching the amplifier to a pocket, label or belt. It is designed to provide up to 50+ decibals of ambient sound amplification with a maximum output of 107dB. POWER: A single

Magnetic Bingo Chips

The Magnetic Bingo Chips are metallic-ringed transparent bingo chips designed for use with light colored or white bingo cards by people with upper extremity, fine motor and grasping disabilities and others with limited manual dexterity. The chips' clear red plastic allows the user to see the numbers underneath. Each chips has a metallic ring so it can be lifted and moved with the Magnetic Wand (see separate entry). Chips come in a pack of 200 chips.

Whoga Wheelchair Yoga Dvd, Level 1: Beginner

Whoga® Wheelchair Yoga DVD, Level 1: Beginner offers gentle, adaptable yoga routines specially designed for users in wheelchairs or anyone with physical limitations. In Level 1, the yoga instructor leads users through a series of poses and postures designed for the beginner to increase strength, flexibility, and coordination. Run time: 35 to 38 minutes. The Level 1 DVD includes: • Instructional breathing techniques and beginning poses. • A 10-minute optional meditation. • A separate instructiona

Whoga Wheelchair Yoga Dvd, Level 2: Intermediate

Whoga® Wheelchair Yoga DVD, Level 2: Intermediate offers gentle, adaptable yoga routines specially designed for users in wheelchairs or anyone with physical limitations. In Level 2, the yoga instructor leads users through a series of poses and postures that build on the beginning foundation taught in the Whoga® Wheelchair Yoga DVD, Level 1: Beginner. Level 2 encourages greater strength, flexibility, mobility and coordination. Mind-body awareness accomplished in Level 1 is further enhanced in the

Whoga Wheelchair Yoga Dvd, Level 3: Advanced

Whoga® Wheelchair Yoga DVD, Level 3: Advanced offers gentle, adaptable yoga routines specially designed for users in wheelchairs or anyone with physical limitations. In Level 3, the yoga instructor leads users to further improve upper and lower body strength, flexibility, and mobility through instruction in advanced WHOGA poses. Level 3 builds on the foundation and poses of Levels 1 and 2 of the Whoga® series. Breathing techniques are taught in order to support the body’s systems and aid in incr

The Step (Model F1005W)

The Step, model F1005W, is an aerobic exercise system designed for use in physical therapy or fitness training. It features a height-adjustable, stackable platform with a non-slip surface, which can be used for low-impact, high-intensity aerobic activity. The equipment comes with a 53-minute exercise video featuring step aerobic instructor Cathe Friedrich. DIMENSIONS (LxW): Stepping surface is 14 x 40 inches. Steps can be adjusted in 2-inch increments from 4 to 8 inches high. CAPACITY: 200 pound

Easy Read Bingo Game

The Easy Read Bingo Game is a large print game designed for use by individuals with low vision. The set has materials needed for a small group to play bingo, including 100 Bingo cards, 100 calling cards, 1,500 bingo chips, bingo deck, and a fingertip master board. OPTIONS: Bingo calling cards, Bingo game pad, Bingo game board, Bingo markers, Magnetic bingo chips, Bingo calling board, and Magnetic wand. DIMENSIONS: Bingo cards are 3.4 x 2.24 inches, the calling cards are 9.25 x 8 inches,and the m

Bicycle Low-Vision Playing Cards

Bicycle Low-Vision Playing Cards are low vision playing cards designed for use by individuals with low vision. These cards have large print, extra bold numbers, letters, and suit symbols. The cards are double thick and plastic coated for ease in play and durability. A color-coded system aids the user in recognizing all four suits. Instructions are included. DIMENSIONS: Numbers are 1.5 inches tall. COLOR: White background with black print and four color designs. Available with red or blue backs.

Page Magnifier (Model 15041)

The Page Magnifier, model 15041, is designed for use by individuals with low vision. The Page Magnifier's lens is encased in a frame with a handle on one end. It magnifies a full page of most books or magazines. The magnifier can also be used when working on hobbies, looking up telephone numbers, scanning maps, examining floor plans or reading recipes. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 11.75 x 7.5 inches. COLOR: Black frame.

Automatic Card Shuffler

The Automatic Card Shuffler is a card shuffler designed for use by individuals with limited hand strength or fine motor or grasping disabilities. With the press of a button, this device will perform a full random shuffle of one or two decks of cards. This shuffler has two card slots (one on each side) into which the user places the cards to be shuffled and a catch tray in the center where the shuffled cards are placed. 

Terry Big Adult Clothing Protector (Model 10987)

The Terry Big Adult Clothing Protector, model 10987, is a bib designed for use by adults with upper extremity or eating disabilities. This bib is made of terry cloth with a waterproof vinyl backing that provides prevents spills from soaking through to stain clothing. It provides coverage from neck to waist and fastens in the back with a 2-snap closure. The bib is machine washable. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 30 x 15 inches.

Hair Washing Tray (Model 1665)

The Hair Washing Tray, model 16665, is a shampoo basin designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities or who use wheelchairs. Recommended for individuals 5 years old and older, this plastic unit assists caregivers in shampooing the hair of individuals who use wheelchair or cannot shampoo independently. The unit features a built-in neck opening, water drain channel, and a strap that fits under the arms to hold the tray in place. The neck opening offers support and reduces strain when

Activity Lap Tray (Model 17698)

The Activity Lap Tray, model 17698, is a lapboard or lap tray designed for use by children ages 3 years and above and adults with mobility disabilities. Made of polypropylene plastic, this tray fits over the lap when the user is seated. The Activity Lap Tray consists of a firm flat tray between two side pockets that extent below the tray and act as the supports when the device in placed on the lap. On the tray, the user can write, play games, create crafts and perform other activities. The side

Jelly Hand Grips

The Jelly Hand Grips are hand exercisers designed for use by individuals with fine motor and gross motor disabilities. Recommended for children and adults 12 years of age and older, these jelly-like hand grips are intended to encourage fine and gross motor skills for stress reduction and hand strengthening therapy. These hand grips also provide tactile stimulation.

Gel-Grip Hand Rehabilitation Pad (Pack Of 6)

[Product Name] is a [product type] designed to [intended function] or [“for use by”] individuals [or “children” or “adults”] with [disability types]. List other features and descriptions here.

Attractive Incontinence Pads (Models 11158 & 11159)

The Attractive Incontinence Pads, models 11158 and 11159, are designed for use by individuals with urinary incontinence. Intended to protect wheelchair cushions, sofas or car seats, these waterproof pads are made of a polyester top layer over an absorbent poly/rayon soaker, and a protective bottom layer that is impervious to moisture. The pads are machine washable. DIMENSIONS (WxL): 28 x 36 inches (model 11159) or 18 x 20 inches (11158). COLOR: Tapestry print.


Brainpaths is designed for use by individuals with cognitive and intellectual disabilities associated with stroke, dementia, or Alzaheimer’s. It can be used with individuals 5 years of age and older. Brainpaths is registered with the FDA as a medical device. It is a neurological medical device that stimulates the brain. Users simply trace textures on the surface of the device repeatedly to stimulate the somatosensory cortex of the brain.

Boinks Fidgets

Boinks Fidgets are to help users reduce stress, help with generalized anxiety disorder, dementia, self-regulation, OCD, ADD/ADHD, autism, quiet play, and more. Users slide the marble back and forth to soothe fidgety nerves and fingers. Fidgeting can your neural responses producing an increase in blood circulation to the brain and extremities. Fidgets can be used in a classroom, therapy setting, home, office or anywhere one needs to keep “quiet hands”.

Sands Alive Glow Super Set

Sands Alive Glow Super Set is designed for children 3 years and older with or without special needs.  It can be used with children who have sensory processing disorders as well as those working on improving their bilateral coordination and visual perceptual development. The moldable sand glows in the dark.  It is non-sticky, non-toxic, and safe to play with. The special sand compound is formulated to prevent bacterial growth, never dries out, molds easily into any shape, won’t stain, and is easy

SpinAgain Stacking Toy

SpinAgain Stacking Toy is designed for children 12 months of age and up to encourage eye-hand coordination and motor skills in children with cerebral palsy, ataxia, and spinal cord and brain injuries. Users drop the vibrant discs onto the threaded corkscrew pole and spin them to settle onto the reversible base. Each disc is dual-colored. From largest to smallest, they form a dynamic rainbow.

Grand Finale Light Show

Grand Finale Light Show is designed for children 6 years and older with sensory processing disorders, low vision, or users who use switches to interact with their environment. With the push of a button, the user can use the master controller to launch the lights and sounds of each of the 5 colorful firework cones. Users also have the option to program their own show, turn on some music and let the Grand Finale begin.

Temper Tamers in a Jar Game

Temper Tamers in a Jar Game is a behavioral management activity designed to assist children and adults manage their emotions during difficult situations and express their feelings in positive ways. The colorful jar includes 101 “Temper Tamer Cards” that will help promote group discussions about healthy ways to deal with anger. Individuals can also use cards to learn calming strategies for tense or difficult situations. 

Match Up the Famous Duos Game

Match Up the Famous Duos Game is an ideal game for those with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and stroke patients. It can be used during one on one or small group sessions. Users are asked to find the second half of the popular couple or duo and match them together. For example, the "Hatfields and McCoys" or "Romeo and Juliet". 


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