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3X Schweizer Rectangular Magnifier

The 3X Schweizer Rectangular Magnifier is a hand magnifying lens designed for use by individuals with low vision. This magnifier has a lightweight rectangular aspheric lens with a plastic mount and handle made in one piece. The handle has a round grip that includes an integrated lanyard holder. The handle is set at a 135-degree angle from the lens. The lens power is 3X, 8 diopters. DIMENSIONS (HxW): 3 x 4 inches. WEIGHT: 7.9 ounces. COLORS: Mount and handle are gray.

Talking Clock Keychain Silver

The Talking Clock Keychain Silver is a voice output digital alarm clock designed for use by individuals who are blind or visually impaired. The device is small enough to conveniently fit into a pocket or purse, yet large enough to keep the user from misplacing their keys, this convenient clock, keychain has a surprisingly loud and clear voice. A built-in alarm (rooster) can be set to remind the user of his appointments.


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