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Vantage Triple Folding Pocket Magnifier

The Vantage Triple Folding Pocket Magnifier is designed for use by persons with low vision. This pocket-sized magnifier features three glass lenses in a black frame, with 5x, 10x, and 15x magnification. The lenses swing out of a protective holder.

Donegan Optical Magnifying Lenses

The Donegen Optical Magnifying Lenses are magnifying lenses designed for use by individuals with low vision. These magnifiers are of various sizes and shapes and include hand held, self supporting, illuminated, and loupes. They lenses are available in glass or plastic lenses.


The Optivisor is a binocular headband magnifier designed for use by individuals with low vision. Precision binocular headband magnifier reduces eye strain, allows three dimensional vision, and can be worn over prescription or safety eyeglasses. Optical glass prismatic lenses are bevel edged and mounted in interchangeable plastic frame. Adjustable pivots allow ABS high impact visor to be tilted out of the way. Adjustable headband, fabricated from lightweight ABS material, fits all head sizes. Six


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