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Braille2000 Student Edition, Direct Entry Edition, & Document Processing Edition

Braille2000 is a braille text editor designed for the production of braille documents for individuals who are blind. Some versions also include a braille translation program. This braille text editor is compatible with ED-IT PC (see separate entry) but has additional features. It is Internet-compatible, can read and write ABT files, and can be used to read and write braille XML files and to translate XML print text into braille. The Student Edition is a braille editing tool for the beginning bra

Ed-It Pc

ED-IT PC is a braille text editor and braille translation program designed for use by individuals who are blind. This program is a production tool for braille transcribers. It is a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) braille editing system that allows a braille transcriber to input and edit braille documents. Input can come from the keyboard in a six-key braille writer-style input mode, or from text files via an automatic print-to-braille translator. When the direct-input mode is used (six-


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