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Touch And Feel Books

Variety of touch and feel books for children. Adventure stories have accompanying pictures with moving parts and a variety of textures and materials.

Braille Playing Cards (Models 2319 & 2321)

Braille playing cards. Standard size deck of cards with braille markings. Poker, Bridge, Pinochle.

Scratch And Sniff Books

Variety of scratch and sniff books for children. Adventure stories have accompanying pictures and scratch and sniff patches on each page. Patch can be scratched and sniffed to identify odor. Scratch and sniff patch cards available with 5 aromas on each card.

Telephone Keypad Enlarger (Model 2350)

Telephone Keypad Enlarger, model ## 2350, is raised face plate designed to enlarge numbers and letters on a telephone for individuals with low vision. This keypad enlarger fits over standard touch tone telephone keypads, including simple multi-line phones. GUARANTEE: Stock items carry a 30 day guarantee.

Tactile 2-Pound Scale

The Tactile two pound scale, model ## 1590, is a raised dot scale designed for indiviuals who are blind or have low vision. The scale can be used for weighing foods or for postage and other purposes. There is a double dot every four ounces and single dots at every ounce in between. It is accurate up to two pounds and the zero adjust allows for the use of a container when weighing. WARRANTY: Stock items carry a 30 day guarantee.

Digi-Temp (Model 1572)

The Digi-temp, model 1572, is a voice output large print thermometer designed for use with the manufacturer's Talking Sphygmomanometer (see separate entry). The digital thermometer features an extra- large display and is equipped with a cable that allows it to be plugged into the sphygmomanometer speech module. WARRANTY: Customer satisfaction is guaranteed: the unit may be returned in its original condition for a full refund within 30 days. A limited 3-year warranty applies thereafter. Repairs o

Talking Precision Food Scale (Model 1581)

The Talking Precision Food Scale, model 1581, is a voice output scale designed to offer clear understandable speech for individuals with low vision. This digital device is intended to calculate precise weights (up to 6 pounds) instantly with a touch of a button and is constructed with a compact design. DIMENSIONS: 3/16 x 9.50 x 6.75 inches. GUARANTEE: If not satisfied, return within 30 days (original condition) for full refund or credit. 3 year limited warranty thereafter.

Digi-Voice For Lifescan's One Touch Ii

The Digi-Voice for Lifescan's One Touch II glucose analyzer is an external voice output module designed to convert the unit to a talking glucose analyzer for use by people with visual disabilities. The module plugs into the external port of the analyzer and talks the user through the self-test procedure. POWER: Replaceable, rechargeable 9-volt Ni-Cad battery. DIMENSIONS: 6 x 3.5 x 1.25 inches. COLOR: Bone case with burgundy panel screen. WARRANTY: Customer satisfaction is guaranteed: if the unit

Giant Fresnel (Model 4129)

Giant 12 inch diameter fresnel stand magnifier with high quality 1 1/2X magnification. Magnifies very large field. Panoramic arm and weighted base allow positioning for maximum comfort and utility. Additional magnification can be used with minimal distortion by adding hand magnifier.

Fresnel Page Magnifier (Models 4152, 4153, 4154 & 4155)

A page magnifier can fit into the front of a phone book, dictionary, etc. while the smaller fresnel lenses can be slipped into wallet or briefcase for quick scanning. The large size power lenses offer wide field coverage but with some distortion at edges. 3X magnification with 7 X 10 inch lens size, plastic fresnel. 4152 is for 1/2 dozen lenses; 4153 is for one dozen and 4154 is for box of 50.

Texas Instruments Calcu-Talk (Model 66, 1812, & T166)

Texas Instruments voice output calculator with algebraic notation. Easy to use and understand, for students in basic math courses or professionals requiring basic algebraic capability. Voice announces display on command when "talk" button is pressed. Comes with rechargeable batteries, charger, carrying case, earphone and jack.

Digi-Voice Tool Module (Model 1350)

Their digital read-out instruments plug into this Digi-Voice tool module for voice output. One module may be used with a number of different instruments. Instruments include; micrometers, calipers, thickness indicators, and linear and height gauges (see separate entry). Optional printer ($245.00) may be used. Cable is needed for each instrument category and for connection to the printer ($45 each).

Aud-A-Ball Beeper Ball (Model 1913)

Kapok 16" circumference softball, electronic beeper. Very lively response. Extra-rugged, rechargeable.

Telephone Sensor (Model 1031)

Monitors telephone lights, other light panels, LEDs. Unit triggers automatically when probe is pointed directly at a light. Set device to respond to individual light conditions with easy screwdriver adjustment. Presence of a tone and its pitch provide user information. Screwdriver adjusted volume control. Long life alkaline battery included. Nicad rechargeable battery may be used with external charger. Earloop earphone for $2.50.

Talking Digital Tools: Dial Gauges, Micrometers, & Calipers

Digital tools that are to be used with their Digi-Voice Tool Module ( see separate entry). Precision instruments for machinists, mechanical/ industrial process control engineers, etc. to measure accurately to . 0001 inch. All instruments require separate cables. Choice of 2705 Dial Gauge .4-.8 inches for $285; 2736 Dial Gauge .8-1.2 inches for $299; 2735 Dial Gauge Stand for $95; 2710, 0-1 inch Micrometer for $195; 2711, 1-2 inch Micrometer for $245; 2712, 2-3 inch Micrometer for $295; 2713, 3-4

Digi-Voice (Model 1522)

Plug-in voice module designed to be used with one of two blood glucose analyzers: LifeScan GlucoScan 3000, or LifeScan One Touch II (see separate entries). It is an external box that plugs into the analyzer and is powered by 9 volt battery. User has option to use analyzer with or without voice and the voice module can be attached to new analyzer if old one fails. Measures 6 by 3 1/2 by 1 1/4 inches.

Aud-A-Reader (Model 1260)

Science Products bought up the remaining supply of Fisher-Price Sesame Street child's record player and has turned them into Talking Book players. This new model is slightly larger than their older model, measuring 11 by 12 by 4 inches. It plays Library of Congress 8 1/3 rpm disks and up to 16 2/3 rpms. Runs on four C cell batteries (included) or one can use an AC adapter ($12.50 extra). Instructions for soundsheet support base are included. Big Bird motif is unobtrusive.

Raised Dot Scales (Models 1590 & 1591)

Tactile kitchen scale. Accurate up to 2 pounds. Has zero adjustment. Knowledge of braille not necessary to read raised dots. Tactile 2 pound scale (1590), or Tactile 1 kilo scale (1591). Can be used for weighing postage as well as food.

Aud A Meter (Model 1070) & 4 Chan Aud A Meter (Model 1071)

Audible and tactile meter reader. Connects across the terminals of any electrically driven visual meter movement. Applications include ham radio, broadcast, automotive, analog computer readout, electronic, radio and TV test equipment. 4 channel unit connects to 4 different meters; has selector switch.

Fresnel Stand Lens Beamscope (Models 4140 & 4141)

Magnifying lens on stand suitable for use in work place. Doubles the size of any display, materials, or work objects, including television screens, meter dials, and information panels. Viewing distance of 1 foot to 15 feet. No distortion or light refraction. 19 inch (model 4140, $76.50) or 15 inch (model 4141, $66.50) Beamscope.

Clock Timer (Model 2305) & Deluxe Clock Timer (Model 2306)

Tactile timer clock and low vision timer clock. Programmable 24 hour clock timer; 2 on and off programs daily. Controls small appliances. Has keyboard entry system. AC with 9 volt battery backup. Regular clock timer has large display. Deluxe model has braille markings, cassette instructions, and a disable switch for independent setting by user.

Professional Aud A Level (Models 1102, 1103, & 1104)

Auditory meter reader. Instrument signals when visual meter peaks. Quick scan buttons enable operator to search lower levels without changing basic meter settings. AC powered, accurately calibrated. Switches for zero volume units (VU), and for operation at +4 or +8 volume units (VU). Can be used with balanced or unbalanced input. Built in stereo switch. 1102, Multi Chan Switcher ($75.00), allows multichannel use for 8, 16, 24 channel recorders. Additional channels ( 1104) are $25.00 each.

Talking Time Quartz (Model 2140)

Pocket sized talking alarm clock has 24 hour countdown timer and snooze alarm. Voices time on command or can be set to speak on the hour. Easy to set and operate. Includes 3 N batteries, vinyl case and desk stand.

Magnifier Cone (Model 4101)

Small hand held lens provides a linear near point magnification with enhanced brightness by focusing all ambient light where needed. Can be used with additional magnifier. Magnification 2.2 linear equals +10 spherical lens. Has plastic frame, case included.

Flat 4X Magnifier (Model 4730)

Flat magnifier with high intensity light. Fits in pocket. 4X magnification. POWER: 2 AA batteries.

Flashlight Magnifier (Models 4130, 4131, 4132, 4430, 4431, & 4432)

Flashlight with magnifying lens in cone on one end. Cone rests on printed material. Magnifications from 5X to 10X. Diameters of lens vary. Some battery operated or on 110 volt AC.

Illuminated Magnifier (Model 4731, 4330, & 4331)

Magnifier with light, 3X magnification. POWER: 2 AA batteries. DIMENSIONS: 3.25 inch diameter lens. 2.5 inches high.

Raised Line Drawing/labeling Kit (Model 1600)

The Raised Line Drawing/Labeling Kit, model 1600, is a tactile drawing kit for making labels and raised drawings on readily available paper or index cards. The kit includes instructions, 8 x 10 inch felt clip board, sample materials, ball point pen, heavy duty stylus, 1-line braille slate, and 1 roll of 1/2-inch Rotex tape. The ball point pen, or other blunt object, can be used to create raised line drawings; block or Braille lettering can be done freestyle with the stylus.

Sports Glasses (Model 5445)

Sports Glasses, model 5445, are binocular magnifier glasses designed for use by individuals with low vision. These glasses consist of two telescopes mounted in an eyeglass frame that fits over the eyes like regular spectacles. The magnification level is 2.5X, with a focal length from 30 inches to infinity. The glasses can be used for viewing TV, opera, or sports events. They have glass objective lenses with a lacquered spectacle body. Interpupillary and nose bridge adjustments can be made. A lea

Cvacct7+ Talking Credit Card Terminal (Model 330)

The CVACCT7+ Talking Credit Card Terminal, model 1330, is a voice output credit card terminal designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This is an adapted version of a standard credit card terminal. The user scans a debit or credit card or enters numbers in the unit's keypad. Information in the display is spoken through the Captek voice system mounted on the bottom of the unit. The price includes download and testing of an application from the credit card service company

Telephone Sensor (Model 1033)

The Telephone Sensor, model 1033, is a light probe designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. Activated by a switch in the hand-held probe, the sensor responds by emitting a tone when pointed at the light panel. Lights are read on a multi-line telephone. Lights that pulse for a ringing or on-hold line are distinguishable from the steady 'on' of a line in use. Features include volume control. The sensor does not read liquid crystal displays. POWER: Requires 9V long-life al

Lufkin Rulers (Model 1612)

Steel rulers 3/4 inch wide by 1/32 inch thick. Steel etched for fingernail reading. No Braille. Available in 24 inch lengths.

Aud A Simpson Model 260 Volt/ohm Meter (Model 1110)

Volt ohm meter.Milliammeter used for testing electronic equipment under repair. Measures DC and AC voltage, DC resistance and current, and AC output of electronic equipment. Braille scale and audio circuit in place of visual meter.

Tac Torque (Models 1700, 1701, & 1702)

Automatic torque wrench. Ratchet action snap on click type wrench included. 100 inch pound, 100 foot pound, 200 foot pound.

Vacuum/fuel Pump Gauge (Models 1710 & 1711)

Fuel, vacuum and pressure gauges used in automotive air conditioning service, modified for the blind. Measures performance on cars.

Aud A Level (Models 1102 & 1100)

Aud A Level, models 1102 & 1100, are audible recording level indicators designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. The devices connect to the monitor jack of recording equipment. A small speaker produces a tone if the volume level of the recording exceeds the proper level. Pitch of tone is proportional to the degree volume exceeds proper level; varying pitch level allows rapid adjustment of equipment. Time can be read to 2 second accuracy for broadcast and other precis

Liquid Level Indicator (Models 1004, 1005 & 1006)

Audible liquid level indicator. Two small electrodes which act as liquid sensors. Speaker produces tone when liquid reaches electrodes. Powered by internal battery. Approximately the size of a penlight flashlight. Must be used with Audicator Model 1001. Short model 4 inches long for household use. Long model 30 cm long for laboratory use. Fixed model for laboratory use.

Ball Call Target Game (Model 1943)

Audible target game. Brightly colored 13 inch diameter target mounts on wall. Audible beeper at center of target. Velcro covered ping pong size balls stick to target. 3 balls included. Rechargeable. Set of 3 extra balls, $4.95.

Aud A Sphere Soccer Ball (Model 1903)

The Aud A Sphere Soccer Ball is a foam soccer ball with a continuous audible beep, and is designed for individuals who are blind or have low vision. The ball is 3/4 regulation size. Dark blue and orange color. Battery operated rechargeable foam soccer ball, operates approximately 3 hours between charges.

Near/far 8X Telescope (Model 5101)

Pocket telescope. 8X magnification with 20 mm lens. Focus from 11 inch to infinity. 3 1/2 inches long with neck strap and pouch. .

16X Monocular (Model 5401)

The 16X Hi-Power Monocular (Telescope), model 5401, is a monocular lens designed for use by individuals with low vision. This unit's Objective lens provides high magnification to bring distant images into focus. It can be used for reading distant signs and other distant viewing tasks. It comes with a carrying case and strap. DIMENSIONS: 7 inches long with 2 inch diameter lens. WEIGHT: 18 ounces.

Fold-Up Magnifier (Models 4608, 4609, 4610, 4611, & 4612)

Folding pocket magnifiers. Plastic frame and housing. Lenses fold into housing. Double folding lens 1.4 inch diameter, 8.4X magnification. Triple folding lens .8 and .7 inches in diameter, 20X magnification.

Aud A Find Beacon & Aud A Ball Beacon (Model 1922 & 1923)

Beacon mounted in a small black box. Beeps at specified intervals between 2 and 20 seconds. 100 foot range. Beacon mounted in 4 inch foam ball available. Rechargeable.

Aud A Toss Ring Toss (Models 1932)

Audible ring toss game. Post emits burst of sound every 5 or 6 seconds. 4 rings in 2 colors with 1 color set banded for tactual identification.

Bell Ball (Models 6020 & 6021)

Soft, felt covered foam ball. Audible bell inside. 6 and 4 inch diameters.

Aud A Sphere Football (Model 1902)

Foam football with continuous audible beep. Dense foam with plastic coating. 3/4 regulated size 10 1/2 ounces. Battery operated rechargeable foam football, operates for approximately 3 hours between charges.

Big 10 Aud A Sphere (Model 1906)

Foam ball with continuous audible beep. Activates by pull string. 10 inch diameter, 6 ounces. Battery operated.

Jumbo Playing Cards (Models 2311 & 2312)

Pinochle or poker deck without Braille. Standard size deck with enlarged numbers. Red or black design.

Jumbo Playing Cards (Model 2307)

Standard size cards with enlarged numbers, no braille. Poker. Color coded.

Rotex Labeling Tape (Models 2080, 2081, 2085, & 2086)

Rotex Labeling Tape is braille labeling tape designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. It is clear and slightly lighter weight than Dymo tape. 1/2 inch wide tape fits Dymo Braille embosser. Also in 3/8 inch wide. 144 inches per roll.

Micrometer (Model 1650 & 1651)

Snap on micrometer with deeply etched markings. Standard calipers can be read only with micrometer. Models in one inch increments from 0 to 6 inches.

Talk Tach (Model 1740)

Tachometer adapted for the blind. Tests engine RPM cylinder balance, transmission shift points, dwell measurement and secondary and primary circuits.

Talking Digital Multimeter (Model 1300)

Voltmeter with digital display and voice output of digital display. Measures 0.1 millivolt to 1 kv. Amperes from 0.001 MA to 10A, both AC and DC, ohms from 0.1 ohm to 2 megohms. Power 110 volt.

Talking Counter (Model 1065)

The Talking Counter, model 1065, is a voice output counter designed to count coins for individuals who are blind or have low vision. Operates on electrical impulse or independent circuit or switch. Connects to different machines to count number of items being generated or can be hand or foot operated. Digital readout available.

Aud A Dexer (Model 1035)

Tone indexer for tapes and cassettes. Places indexing tones on any tape or cassette as it is recorded. Small box with single push button and level control, plugs into recorder. Provides tone indexing with microphone or copy input. Low frequency tone does not interfere with recording at normal listening speeds. On fast forward or rewind it is heard as high pitched beep. Lectures, readings, tapes being copied can be indexed without the recorder. Indexing can be heard only on machines which operate

Talking Digital Frequency Counter (Model 1240)

Digital frequency counter is attached to voice output circuit. Button is pressed to activate voice circuit. Digital array is spoken one digit at a time including decimals. Measures frequency of any repetitive AC signal from 50 hz to 50 mhz. Counter also used for setting audio frequency oscillators, checking electric line frequency. 4 by 6 by 4 inches.

Paperweight Magnifier (Models 4470 & 4370)

Paperweight magnifier. Clear plastic cube with molded plastic lens in center. Paperweight with 4X magnification has 2 1/2 inch diameter aspheric lens, 3 inch square field. 8X magnification 1 inch diameter aspheric lens, 3 inch square field.

Dome Magnifier (Models 4473 & 4472)

Magnifier. Dome shaped magnifier rests on and slides over paper. 4472 has 2 inches diameter, aspheric plastic lens with aluminum frame, 2.8 x magnification. 4473 has 2 3/8 inches diameter, planoconvex solid glass lens, no frame, 3 x magnification.

Bifocal Magnifier (Models 4351, 4352, & 4353)

Bifocal magnifier, models 4351, 4352, and 4353. This magnifier has two acrylic lenses, a main lens and a small insert of greater magnification. Magnification is 2.5X/5X (4351), 2X/4X (4352), or 2X/5X (4353). DIMENSIONS: Lens diameter is 2 inches (4351), 2.5 inches (4352), or 3 inches (4353).

Sport Glasses (Model 5445)

Glasses with telescopes mounted to lens area. 2.5 X magnification with 25 mm objective lens. Black lacquered frame.

Large Print Thermometer (Model 2309)

Large print thermometer. 18 inch dial. Bold numbers with bright red pointer. Fahrenheit or Celsius scale. Indoor or outdoor use.

Luxo Illuminated Magnifier

Illuminated magnifier. 5 inch lens mounted inside 22 watt circline florescent tube. Spring loaded arm allows full range of motion to position lens over work. 2 1/4 X and 5X magnification. Lens available in 3 X and 4 X magnifications. Table model, clamp on model, floor model.

Aud A Mometer (Models 1129, 1130, 1131, 1132, 1133, & 1134)

Audible thermometer. Stainless steel probe on end of flexible cable. Probe is placed on object being measured. Tone is balanced to zero (no sound) by turning knob and taking reading on a raised dot scale. Accuracy ranges from 0.1 degree to 1 degree with greatest accuracy on the shortest scale. Available in Centigrade or Fahrenheit scales for clinics, darkroom, labs, weather. Special ranges can be custom fabricated.

Sharp A440 Talking Cash Register (Model 1370)

The Sharp A440 Talking Cash Register, model 1370, is a voice output cash register designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This is a modified version of the Sharp ER-A440 cash register from Sharp Electronics. The keyboard has 20 departments, and the department keys can be programmed with up to four tax rates and can be used with either open or preset prices. With the preset price function, the operator presses the department key, and the price is automatically calculated


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