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Voice Input Terminal

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Mobile Voicepro Laptop

The Mobile VoicePro Laptop is a voice input notebook /laptop computer designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision or who have difficulty using a keyboard. This laptop comes with Dragon NaturallySpeaking (see entry) speech recognition/voice input software and Microsoft Office 2003 Basic installed, configured, and tested. The laptop is from Sager-Midern in City of Industry, California, with a Pentium 4 processor, Windows XP Pro operating system, and a 38-centimeter XGA flat pa

Multimedia Max

Multimedia Max is a voice activated personal computer designed to control telecommunications, electrical, and infrared devices for individuals with physical disabilities. This multimedia computer can be controlled by mouse, keyboard, or touchscreen, and incorporates the following features: control of over 256 different lights and electrical appliances; control of 99 different infrared (audio and video) equipment; control of Heating and Air Conditioning Systems; scheduling events in advance or ex


Speak4Use is an environmental control system and voice input and environmental control program designed for people who are blind or have low vision or who have mobility disabilities. It is designed to provide wireless voice control of a person's computer as well as environmental, communications and entertainment systems that are connected to the computer. After installing the Speak4Use (S4U) software on a computer, the user adds the S4U Environment Controller (included) which provides the voice

Synapse Ada Workstation

The Synapse ADA Workstation is an accessible computer terminal designed for use by individuals with visual, mobility, physical, cognitive, or learning disabilities. This unit provides a hardware interface to a computer network or mainframe. Features are integrated for use in environments where more than one accommodation technology may be required, such as schools, libraries, the workplace, or assessment and evaluation centers. Available features include speech recognition, screen reader softwar

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