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Ergoguys Russian and English Bilingual Keyboard, Black (CD1117)

The Ergoguys Russian and English Bilingual Keyboard, Black (CD1117) is designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision disabilities. The keyboard is an inputting device, with both languages' characters vividly on each key, with the aid of Foreign Language Software, either by enabling Windows to handle the Foreign Language, or installing a Foreign Windows and other Foreign Language Applications.

Finger Position Keyboard Stickers Labels Decals

The Finger Position Keyboard Stickers Labels Decals is designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision disabilities. The finger position stickers feature color-coded stickers that show the typing student which fingers to use with each key. The stickers also show the upper- and lower-case character for each key for the beginning student. After the student has mastered the basic typing skills, the black, opaque typing mask can be used to test the student's ability and to teach the

Franklin Speaking Language Master Special Edition (Model Lm-6000Sev)

The Franklin Speaking Language Master Special Edition, model LM-6000SEV, is a hand-held augmentative communication and learning device and voice output dictionary designed for use by persons who are blind or have low vision, or individuals with speech or learning disabilities. This unit combines a spelling corrector, dictionary, thesaurus, grammar guide, and 10 educational games. The Language Master 6000SE features a typewriter-style keyboard with high-contrast lettering and raised locator dots


Intellitalk is a voice output word processor program designed for children and adults with cognitive and/or visual disabilities. The software offers easy-to-use menus and enables users to hear letters, words, and sentences as they type, ot to have the text read back from the screen. IntelliTalk offers a choice of a variety of voices and pronouciation can be modified using the built-in pronounciation editor. The program can correctly pronounce the most common words that children learn in addition

Large Visual Display

The Large Visual Display is a large print display accessory for the Superprint 100-D, 4425, and 4420 (sold separately; see separate entries) telecommunication device for the deaf (TDD or TT) by Ultratec. The characters on the large display are 10 times larger than characters on a standard TDD display and are displayed in bold type. TDD conversations are shown simultaneously on the TDD display and on the large visual display. The display connects to the Superprint 100-D, the Superprint 4225, or S

Mygait Elite Computer

The MyGait Elite Computer is a computer terminal designed for use by older adults or individuals with cognitive disability. This all-in-une unit comes fully assembled, and provides easy access to computer and the Internet for people who have computer literacy challenges. The MyGait Elite features an integrated 20-inch high definition monitor, a built-in web camera for video chat capability, an integrated DVD/CD player for playback, and 200 percent zoom or magnification capability. The computer's

Speaking Language Master (Model Lm-6000)

The Speaking Language Master is a voice output dictionary designed to enhance language and vocabulary skills for individuals with a cognitive disability or speech impairment, or who are blind or have low vision. The system provides auditory feedback by pronouncing over 110,000 words as many times as you wish. It includes an complete and comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus. It features spelling correction, classification of word families topically, and on-screen grammar assistance. There are a

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