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Crutch Carrying Accessories

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8-Inch Crutch Bag (Model 70200)

The 8-inch Crutch Bag, model 70200, is a carrying bag for standard axillary crutches. The bag hangs off the crutch handle using 4-inch loops that may be unsnapped from the bag. This lined caddy is made of coated nylon and features a spring-action hex frame opening which is operated by simply placing the fingers in the middle of the frame and popping it open or pushing on the outside to close. Opening and closing of the frame does not require manual dexterity or strength. DIMENSIONS (HxWxD): 5.25

Ableware 703210000 Madda-Comfort Walker and Crutch Hand Pads

Madda-Comfort Walker and Crutch Hand Pads is designed to minimize hand discomfort and sweaty palms when using a walker or crutches. Two layers of terrycloth are combined to achieve a soft, clean, comfortable grip. The pads wrap around standard walker or crutch handles and are secured by hook-and-loop fasteners.

Ableware 703220051 Double-Sided Quilted Walker Tote Bag-Printed Burgundy

Double-Sided Quilted Walker Tote Bags  hangs over walker crossbar Quilted decorative cotton tote bags have front and back pockets that are held in place by hook-and-loop closures. Is designed for people with fine motors disabilities.   

Ableware 703290001 Crutch Bag-Vinyl-Black

Crutch Bag-Vinyl-Black  bag is designed to make it easier for users to carry personal items while using crutches. The deep pocket provides room to hold a cell phone, keys, wallet, etc. It attaches to the side of the crutch and does not interfere with any movement. Machine wash, air dry. 

Ableware Crutch Bag

The Ableware Crutch Bag is a carrying bag for a crutch designed for use by individuals with walking or balance disabilities. This carrying bag has a deep pocket for carrying personal items, and a smaller front pocket that provides storage for items such as cell phones, wallets or keys. The bag attaches to the side of the crutch and will not interfere with movement. This bag can also be used with walkers. The bag can be machine washed and dried. DIMENSIONS (LXWxD: 9 x 6.5 x 2 inches. COLOR: Blac

Carry Crutches

Carry Crutches are for use by individuals who use crutches to for ambulation.  It is 3D printed a mechanical gimbal designed for carrying drinks on crutches. In addition, the designers developed a  computer-controlled version, which uses a battery, two servos, an Arduino Uno and a MPU-6050 gyro and accelerometer sensor. A third variation included a laser-cut tray with holes for cups and utensils.

Crutch Bag

The Crutch Bag is a carrying bag for a crutch designed for use by individuals with walking or balance disabilities and others who use crutches. This crutch bag has a large zippered compartment to keep personal items such as wallets, checkbooks, medicine and other small items. It has stabilizer back straps that attaches to most standard-type crutches just above the hand grip to prevent swinging. The straps attach to the handle with hook and loop closures. Shoulder straps are also included for ove

Crutch Bag

The Crutch Bag is a carrying bag for a crutch designed for use by youth and adults with walking or balance disabilities and others who use crutches. These lightweight bags are designed to fit standard wooden, bariatric and aluminum crutches that are at least 4 feet, 3 inches tall. The Crutch Bag features an interior storage compartment for personal items such as wallets, keys, water bottles and other small items. An outer pocket can hold a cell phone, providing easy access. The Crutch Bag can be

Crutch Bag For Wheelchair

The Crutch Bag for Wheelchair is designed for use by people with lower extremity, walking or mobility disabilities who use crutches and a wheelchair. This bag, which is available made of nylon, sunbrella, or cordura, provides the means for transport a pair of crutches while seated in a wheelchair. The bag attaches to the back of a wheelchair and fits one pair of crutches in an upright position. It has an outer pocket for additional items and a flap with a Velcro closure. DIMENSIONS (HxWxD): 20.5

Crutch Bag.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Bag attaches to handle of crutch to assist in carrying small items. Instructions are provided to make a small bag with gussets to attach to the side handgrip of a crutch. Includes drawing. SKILLS REQUIRED: Sewing. AUTHOR: Occupational Therapy Service. TITLE: REF: Resource Sheet: Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, New York. .

Crutch Organizer (Model C125), Crutch Bag (Model C140), & Large Crutch Bag (Model C145)

The Crutch Organizer, model C125, Crutch Bag, model C140, and Large Crutch Bag , model C145, are carrying bags designed for use by individuals who use crutches. These waterproof nylon bags attach to the crutch handgrips with Velcro loop loc straps and have Velcro closures. DIMENSIONS (HxWxD): Model C125 is 5.5 x 8 x 2 inches; model C140 is 10 x 6 x 3.5 inches; and model C145 is 12 x 10 x 3.5 inches. COLOR: Black.

Crutch Pocket

The Crutch Pocket is a carrying bag for crutches designed for use by individuals with mobility or walking disabilities. Designed to carry small items, this pack is made with two layers of soft polar fleece surrounded by a cushioned layer of medical-grade foam. It is designed to fit most standard adult- and youth-sized underarm crutches without removing the existing rubber pad or the hand grip. A Velcro-style closure keeps items securely inside, with an additional outside pocket for extras. COLOR

Crutcheze Crutch Bag

The Crutcheze Crutch Bag is a carrying bag for a crutch designed for use by individuals with walking or balance disabilities. This carrying bag has a stretchable pouch that includes an inside liner pocket to keep personal items such as wallets, electronic devices and water bottles. Other features include removable adjustable front and side straps that allows the user to attach the bag at the underarm or hand grip of the crutch. The bag is made of durable stretch fabric that is machine washable.

Duct Tape Crutch Pockets

“DO IT YOURSELF” ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To adapt crutches with pockets for storage of everyday items such as a book, eye glasses, Kleenex, etc. for persons with mobility disabilities. The pockets are made of videotape boxes cut in half and spliced together; although, duct tape alone or other thin-type boxes can be substituted for shape and structure. To make pockets for the crutches, tape across a nice-sized box, straight around the crutch frame. Taping on a diagonal keeps the pockets stable. Posi

Have-A-Tray Carrier (Models 70612-3200/3400/6100)

The Have-A-Tray Carriers are caddys for wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches. The two-compartment carriers allow ready access to personal itms. The caddies are made of molded polypropylene copolymer with a drain hole in each compartment. Hardware is supplied with each model for proper attachment. DIMENSIONS: Inside dimensions are 11.25 x 2 7/8 x 7.75 inches. WEIGHT: Wheelchair carrier (70612-6100) is 2 pounds, walker caddy (70612-3200) is 1.3 pounds, and the crutch caddy (70612-3400) is 1.3 pounds

Mobility Clutch And Pouch

The Mobility Clutch and Pouch is a carrying bag that can be attached to canes, crutches or walkers, a wheelchair side pouch, or a bed pouch. This pouch carries items such as keys, money, and medications and attaches with Velcro to mobility aids and bed rails. This clutch has a removable carrying strap and an outside pocket for glasses or a cell phone. COLOR: Black, red, or pink.

Pro Crutch Bag

The Pro Crutch Bag is a transport bag for crutches designed for use by people with walking, lower extremity and mobility disabilities. This bag is intended to store multiple pairs of crutches as well as air splints, knee immobilizers, blankets, and other large items for transport. When opened, the bag has multiple compartments of varying sizes. The compartments are separated by mesh so the contents are easily identified, and they feature zipper or velcro closures. The larger compartments fold i

Round Mobility Clutch

The Round Mobility Clutch is a carrying bag designed for use by individuals with lower extremity, mobility, balance and walking disabilities. This oval carrying bag attaches to most canes, walkers, crutches, and wheelchairs or transport chairs with two hook-and-loop straps. The bag has an outside easy-access pocket that features an elasticized top and an interior zippered pocket for storing items such as keys, cell phones or other small items. The bag easily detaches and can be worn on the wrist

Supertote Carryall

The SuperTote Carryall is a wheelchair side pouch or a carrying bag for a walker or crutch designed to provide carrying capability for people with mobility disabilities. Made of durable machine-washable nylon, this tote features pockets with zipper closure. DIMENSIONS: 9.5 x 7 x 4.5 inches. COLOR: Blue or black.

The Krutch Kaddy

The Krutch Kaddy is a crutch bag that provides users with a compact storage space for hands-free carrying of essential personal items. The Krutch Kaddy is designed for comfort, efficiency and safety. It is intended for use with standard A and forearm crutches. The Krutch Kaddy can also be used with walkers, wheelchairs, rollators, hospital beds, baby strollers, bicycles, golf carts, shopping carts, etc. It can be attached to anything that has a bar or pole.

Universal Crutch Pouch (Model Ez0015)

The Universal Crutch Pouch, model EZ0015, is a carrying bag for crutches designed for use by individuals with mobility or walking disabilities. Made of weather-resistant nylon, this pack attaches to the crutch using adjustable straps with Velcro closure. This pack has a deep pocket, several smaller pockets, and a beverage holder. DIMENSIONS (DxLxW): 1.75 x 10 x 5.5 inches. COLOR: Black. WARRANTY: One-year limited warranty.


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