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Caddy for Walker

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14-Inch & 16-Inch Walker Bags (Models 70100 & 70120)

The 14-inch and 16-inch Walker Bags, models 70100 and 70120, are carrying bags for attachment to the side or front of a walker. These lined bags are made of coated nylon Cordura and have quick release clips. The opening is made of a spring hex frame which requires very little manual dexterity or strength to operate. Opening the bag is achieved by placing the fingers in the middle of the frame and popping it outward; by pushing on the outside of the frame, the bag snaps shut. DIMENSIONS (HxWxD):

Ableware 703230001 Star Glide Walker Slides-1 1/8"

Star Glide Walker Slides are for wheeled walkers to reduce friction and self-align with the floor to allow for easier movement of the walker. To install, remove the rubber tips from the walker legs and replace them with Star Glides.

Ableware Crutch Bag

The Ableware Crutch Bag is a carrying bag for a crutch designed for use by individuals with walking or balance disabilities. This carrying bag has a deep pocket for carrying personal items, and a smaller front pocket that provides storage for items such as cell phones, wallets or keys. The bag attaches to the side of the crutch and will not interfere with movement. This bag can also be used with walkers. The bag can be machine washed and dried. DIMENSIONS (LXWxD: 9 x 6.5 x 2 inches. COLOR: Blac

Drink Holder

The Drink Holder is a wheelchair drink holder designed for use by individuals with lower extremity, mobility or walking disabilities or spinal cord injury. The unit consists of a stainless steel frame with a clamping system for attaching to a chair, crutches or walker. The clamp has a rubber grommet to prevent scratching, along with an adjustable Velcro tightening strap. The holder can be carried in the user's wheelchair bag until it is needed. An insulated beverage jacket is included. It can al

Easy Caddy (Model 14A108A)

The Easy Caddy, model 14A108A, is a carrying tray and cup holder designed for use by individuals who use walkers. This tray clips in place on most folding wheeled walkers. It features a large compartment and a smaller shallower section. The top tray is recessed to hold items such as a dinner plate in place. The contoured sides have no dirt traps. A cup holder helps prevent spillage. The tray is made from durable plastic, supports up to 4.4 pounds, and can be cleaned by hand or in a domestic dish

Hanging Basket / Tote Bag / Tray

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To provide a means for individuals who use walkers to carry items. . Included in a chapter entitled "Housekeeping & Getting Around," this illustrated article describes how to fashion and attach a container to a walker for use as a tote or tray. The selected basket or other container is fastened to the top bar of the walker with plastic ties. Attaching a dowel to the bottom of the container with plastic ties stabilizes the container and prevents swinging. MA

Have-A-Tray Carrier (Models 70612-3200/3400/6100)

The Have-A-Tray Carriers are caddys for wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches. The two-compartment carriers allow ready access to personal itms. The caddies are made of molded polypropylene copolymer with a drain hole in each compartment. Hardware is supplied with each model for proper attachment. DIMENSIONS: Inside dimensions are 11.25 x 2 7/8 x 7.75 inches. WEIGHT: Wheelchair carrier (70612-6100) is 2 pounds, walker caddy (70612-3200) is 1.3 pounds, and the crutch caddy (70612-3400) is 1.3 pounds

Kangapouch (Model 977)

The Kangapouch, model 977, is a wheelchair and walker caddy designed to afford people with mobility disabilities the ability to carry items with them. Made of corduroy, the Kangapouch features oversized, deep pockets and attaches to the front of a walker or the back of a wheelchair using Velcro straps. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 19 x 16.5 inches. COLOR: Assorted. WARRANTY: The manufacturer guarantees satisfaction with this product or it may be exchanged or returned for a full refund.

No-Wire Walker Basket

The No-Wire Walker Basket is a caddy for a walker designed for use by children or adults with mobility disabilities. Made of polypropylene, this basket attaches to the horizontal and vertical bars of the walker on the inside or the outside. Retracting stabilizing arms lock onto the legs of the walker to eliminate swinging. A slot on the front of the basket holds an identification tag. The bottom of the basket features a built-in glass, can, or cup holder; a smaller compartment for coins or medic


The RoboCup is a cup, can or drink holder designed for use by people who use a walker, wheelchair or mobility scooter and other individuals with a disability that affects their ability to hold or grasp objects. This portable dual caddy can securely hold two drinks, two fishing poles, tools, gear and personal belongings such as a telephone, keys, glasses and flashlight. The unit attaches to wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, grab bars, hospital beds or golf carts using the integrated clamp. The Robo

The Knee Sling for Walker

The Knee Sling for Walker is designed for use by individuals with balance or walking disabilities. The device helps assists individuals who need to maintain non-weight bearing of the lower leg or foot due to an injury or surgery. It can be used by people recovering from lower extremity amputations, ankle fractures, surgeries and diabetic foot wounds. It comes fully assembled and requires no tools or hardware to install on walker.

Walker Basket Liner (Model Ez0127)

The Walker Basket Liner Organizer, model EZ0127, is a liner for a walker basket designed for use by individuals with mobility or walking disabilities. Made of nylon, the liner includes an adjustable drawstring to fit most baskets. There is a zippered pocket for personal items (e.g. wallet, keys) and two expandable pouches to hold such items as cell phones, remote controls, or beverages. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 7 x 16 x 6 inches. COLOR: Black. WARRANTY: One-year limited warranty.

Walker Tote Bag

The Walker Tote Bag is a carrying bag for walker designed for use by individuals with balance or walking disabilities. Made of cotton fabric, this lightweight walker bag has hard plastic buckles and two vertical straps sewn on the back so it can be attached to a variety of walkers and rollators as well as knee walkers and wheelchairs. When properly attached and tightened, the straps prevent the bag from swinging back and forth. The Walker Tote Bag has a large interior central storage area, four

Wheelchair / Walker / Scooter Bag

The Wheelchair / Walker / Scooter Bag is a caddy, or carrying bag, for wheelchairs, walkers, and scooters designed for individuals with mobility, balance, and walking disabilities or spinal cord injury. This bag attaches using adjustable straps and clip fasteners. Made of 100 percent cotton duck with Velcro closure, this bag features an outside pocket with a zippered compartment to store a cell phone and interior slots to store credit cards and identification. For wheelchair use, the bag can be

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