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Braille Language Flash Cards

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Abilitations Pull-Talk Communication Card Holder with Five Pockets

Abilitations Pull-Talk Communication Card Holder with Five Pockets is a wearable card holder with 5 pockets designed to hold an elementary-aged child's own images, words or photos to improve communication skills, independence, and self-confidence. It has a detachable, retractable belt clip. Ideal for non-verbal users, but verbal individuals also can use this product to improve reading skills and sight word recognition.

Braille Flash Cards

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY" ----- PURPOSE: To create inexpensive Brailled flashcards for classroom or study use. Free paint sample cards are available at paint or hardware stores, and many are large enough to contain a word or short phrase in Braille. Cards for the Disney paint line are almost the size of index cards and fit in a Perkins Braillewriter. MATERIALS: Paint sample cards. TOOLS: Brailler. SKILLS REQUIRED: Braille. AUTHOR: Amato, S. TITLE: Freebie Flashcards (in Springboard). JOURNAL: RE:vi

Business Cards For Learning Braille

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To help a first grade Braille student learn to read and spell Braille words. To convert an unused business card to this purpose, punch a hole in the top left corner and cut off the upper right corner of the card. Then, braille and print the word to be learned on the card. Finally, attach the card to a metal ring by putting the ring through the hole in the upper left corner. The ring can be attached to the student's bookbag. TITLE: Business Cards for Learning Bra

Expanded Dolch Word Cards (Model 1-03560-00)

Expanded Dolch Word Cards, model 1-03560-00, are braille language flash cards designed for use by children who are blind or have low vision. These braille flash cards have words on both sides in braille and print, with one side featuring grade 1 braille and the other side featuring grade 2 braille. A corner cut provides orientation. Words include pronouns, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, and common verbs. Some cards feature a drawing corresponding to the word. The cards can be used by a

Grade 2 Braille Cards (Model 1-03561-00)

Grade 2 Braille Cards, model 1-03561-00, are braille language flash cards designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. These cards can be used to drill students on the braille literary code. The cards show the braille alphabet and numbers, punctuation and composition signs, one-cell whole-word and part-word signs, two-cell contractions, and short-form words. There are 247 flash cards in the set, including 26 cards with the braille alphabet on one side and large print on the

Hello Haptic Flashcards

Hello Haptic Flashcards are tactile flashcards designed for the blind that have Braille text on one side and tactile elements from environments they may not have access to on the other side.

Teaching Touch Kit

Teaching Touch Kit is designed for childern with low Vision.Teaching Touch helps parents or teachers encourage young children (ages 4 to 7 years) who are blind to become active explorers and readers of tactile graphics. Uses real stories to bring important points to life.

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