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Bra Fastening Aid

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Bra Angel

The Bra Angel is a bra fastening aid designed for use by women with use of one hand, arthritis, or upper extremity disabilities. To use this device, the user places it around her neck and places the bra inside out and upside down around her waist with the hooks near her stomach. She then places her chin on the pink heart to secure the device in position and inserts one end of the bra into the gripper. With one end held by the gripper, the user hooks in the other end of the bra. After removing th

Buckingham Bra-Angel

Buckingham Bra-Angel is designed for use by individuals with mild to moderate upper limb restrictions or limited hand dexterity. It enables those who have the use of only one arm to be able to put on their bra independently. It can be adjusted to a wide variety of sizes. The telescopic action allows the Bra-Angel to be compacted and easy to carry. The Buckingham Bra-Angel is latex free. DIMENSIONS: 16 inches Length x 1-1/2 inches width. COLOR: White with pink center piece. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As

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