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1/2-Inch & 3/4-Inch Wall Valves - Lever Handle (Models 818/013 & 818/014)

The 1/2-Inch and 3/4-Inch Wall Valves - Lever Handle are single-lever shower controls designed for use by individuals with fine motor or grasping disabilities. This wall-mounted, cast- brass valve has a single-lever handle to control on/off and volume functions in a shower system. The valve is available with either 1/2-inch (model 818/013) or 3/4-inch (model 818/014) NPT National Pipe Thread) standard threading. COLOR: Brushed nickel, diamond, platinum nickel, or polished chrome finish.

Ableware Tko Turning Knob Operator (Model H75310)

The Ableware TKO Turning Knob Operator is designed to assist individuals with limited manual strength or dexterity to grasp, turn, and open any non-round control knob or appliance handle. The turner consists of a large T-handle attached to a large round base with retractable pins on its bottom. When the turner is pressed onto a knob the pins contacting with the knob’s surface retract, while the remaining pins surround the knob for a secure grip. The turner can be used on irregular knobs, includi

Acutemp Instant Water Heater (Models 150, 180, 100, 120 & Remote)

Acutemp instant water heater is a compact tankless water heater with instant temperature selection, construction of copper, brass, stainless and solid state electronics. Width 14 1/4 inches, length 24 inches, thickness 3 1/4 inches. Turning external dial selects temperature between 40 degrees (F) and 160 degrees (F). Delivers water at a controlled, safe temperature. Controls water temperature to within 2 degrees of amount dialed. Can be mounted close to points of hot water use. Temperature selec

Ajusta Shower.

Adjustable shower head which can be moved vertically and horizontally by sliding the nozzle on a vertical shaft. Installation can be done easily and may be installed in most showers. Solid brass. Colors available.

Al Len Faucet Gripper

Faucet wrench. One piece construction high impact plastic with lever handle. Fits over 6 dozen standard faucet handles, elliptical sink and toilet values, water meter shut off values and one to seven sided chrome handles.

Angel Faucet

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a hand washing device for individuals who are one handed or had an arm amputated. The Angel Faucet is an electronic faucet with a scrubbing pad designed for use by individuals who have use of only one hand or arm. The sensor-activated tap has a scrubbing pad mounted on top of the spigot that allows the user to scrub and clean the single hand effectively. The pad is made of soft silicon, and it can be removed for cleaning. The flow of wat

Automatic Faucet Control

The Automatic Faucet Control is a water flow control designed for use by individuals with memory or cognitive disabilities or upper extremity disabilities. This device prevents the water from being left on and provides access for those unable to turn a tap. The device replaces the aerator on existing faucets and turns the water on when the hanging wand is nudged. When the slight pressure is removed, the water automatically turns off.

Bathroom Flood Alarm

The Bathroom Flood Alarm is designed for use with individuals with cognitive disabilities or Alzheimer's disease. This sensor mounts to the lower wall near the toilet and sounds a loud alarm when it comes in contact with a puddle on the floor created when a tub overflows or a toilet overflows dut to the introduction of foreign objects or other blockages. COLOR: White.

Carex Enablers Jar Opener & Closer (Model En17Crd)

The Carex Enablers Jar Opener & Closer, model EN17CRD, is a jar opener and tap turner designed for use by individuals with limited manual dexterity. The large round disk fits over jar lids or taps, while the pinwheel design in the surface helps secure the user's grip and concentrate hand strength while turning. DIMENSIONS (HxDxW): 4.75 x 1.25 x 4.75 inches.

Device For Star Shaped Water Faucets.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Device enables those with limited hand function to turn faucets on and off. Partially straighten out a steel S hook and saw it in half. Saw a U bolt in half. Weld half of the S hook to half of the U bolt. Drill a 1/4 inch hole in the top of a number 2 size file handle. Epoxy the file handle to the end of the U bolt. Includes diagrams. SKILLS REQUIRED: Welding. AUTHOR: Independence Factory TITLE: Make It Cheap Volume 3 REF: Middletown, Ohio: Independenc

Faucet Extension

The Faucet Extension is a lever tap handle designed to enable users with a weak grip to operate a kitchen or bathroom faucet. The extension lever may also help to make a sink's taps more accessible to wheelchair users. The lever is a strip of stainless steel that has one end bent up to form a vertical handgrip. The unit is bolted into place on top of the existing faucet tap. PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT: Designed by John Duffus for users with poor grip strength to increase the leverage, reach, and grip

Faucet Genie

The Faucet Genie, also called Auto Spout SK-FG001, is a hands-free faucet designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. This unit attaches to existing kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room faucets and is activated by placing the hands under the faucet. The distance between unit and the activation sensor is adjustable. The unit also has a feature that enables continuous water flow for three minutes before it automatically shuts off. POWER: Uses 1 pc lithium battery.

Flood Buzz

The Flood Buzz is a flood alarm designed for use with individuals with cognitive disabilities or Alzheimer's disease. This sensor can be placed on the floor near a toilet or bathtub, and it will sound a loud (95 decibels) alarm when it comes in contact with water on the floor created by an overflow or leak. This flood alarm can also be used to detect leaks near washing machines and hot water heaters. DIMENSIONS: Diameter is 1.5 inches. POWER: Includes a non-replaceable battery estimated to last

Futura Faucet Model 900

Electronic faucet turns on automatically when user's hands enter infrared detection area within bowl perimeter, turns off when hands are removed. Operates at pre-set temperature, either warm or cold water. Heat valve optional. Solenoid has few moving parts. Operation unaffected by most chemicals and minerals frequent in water supplies. Flow constant at all pressures. Self-cleaning diffuser. Chrome-plated, solid cast brass body. Sensor shuts off water after 30 to 45 seconds if something is left i

Great Grips

Great Grips are door knob or faucet covers designed for use by individuals with arthritis, grasping disabilities, or little or no manual dexterity or strength to open doors or turn faucets. These soft thermoplastic sleeves slip over existing rounded door knobs or faucets. Made of a soft latex-free material, they have a smooth surface to assist in turning. Options include built-in AgION antimicrobial, a combination of silver ions bonded to a ceramic material called zeolite; built-in glow-in-the-d

Gripper Water Faucet Handle (Model 003)

The Gripper Water Faucet Handle, model 003, is a tap turner designed for use by individuals with grasping disabilities, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, or use of only one hand. This turner attaches over existing tap handles, giving users a gripping area with more leverage. The device features red and blue color-coded indicators that identify hot and cold valves, and two separate grip locks that are compatible with most valve and spigot handles are included. COLOR: White

Grohmix Concealed Thermostat

Thermostatic and pressure balanced water valve for bathtub or shower. Safety stop at 100 degrees fahrenheit.

Hands-Free Faucet Controller

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable an individual with upper extremity disabilities to operate a faucet. The faucet controller attached to a shower head will convert any faucet to hands-free operation. The foot controls both water frow and temperature. This easy to install assistive device offers temperature memory, scald protection, hand sanitation and saves water and energy. For more detailed information, contact the originator. TITLE: The Hands-Free Faucet Controller. WEB SITE: Worksh

Heatguard Tmv3 Shower Valve (Model Dc153)

The Heatguard TMV3 Shower Valve, model DC153, is a a water temperature control valve designed to prevent scalding of individuals with cognitive or severe physical disabilities or Alzheimers disease. This shower valve contains a single-piece thermostatic cartridge with a temperature sensitive element that expands and contracts depending on the temperature of the water flowing past it. This changes the size of the openings through which the hot and cold water enter the shower, and balances the tem

Innovations Centered Bath Faucet (Models 547 & 547-Nn)

The Innovations Centerset Bath Faucet, models 547 and 547-NN, is an electronic faucet designed for use by individuals with fine motor, grasping, or neurological disabilities. An electronic sensor starts the flow of water when hands are placed under the faucet. The faucet has a temperature control handle with a high-temperature limit stop to prevent rotation into dangerously hot zones. Six interchangeable handles are included in different colors to match the bathroom decor. The faucet fits 3-hole


IZI-flow is a hands-free faucet control designed to allow individuals with fine motor, grasping, or upper extremity disabilities to control a faucet. The IZI-flow is a mechanical valve that is connected to the faucet's water input(s) under the sink and controlled by a mechanical foot pedal (included). The flow speed and temperature are still set using the faucet's handle(s) or knob(s). The user turns on the faucet by depressing the foot pedal and turns it off by releasing the pedal. The IZI-flow

Kohler Faucets

Kohler Faucets are lever tap handle faucets designed for use by people with physical disabilities. The manufacturer offers 11 models, most for use in a variety of situations, including kitchen, lavatory, bath, and shower. Three models are also available with wristblade handles.

Kohler Touchless Electronic Faucet (Models K-10950-4 & K-10951-4)

The Kohler Touchless Electronic Faucet, models K-10950-4 and K-10951-4, is an electronic faucet designed for use by people with physical disabilities. This brass faucet for single-hole mounting has a TriPoint electronic infrared sensor that activates the unit when a hand is placed beneath it. A mixer handle allows the user to adjust the water temperature. The flow rate is 0.5 gallons per minute. A flexible hose and stainless steel mounting hardware are included for installation. OPTIONS: Aerator

Lavatory Mounted All Purpose Soap Dispenser (Model 0332)

The Lavatory Mounted All Purpose Soap Dispenser, model 0332, is a pump-top soap dispenser designed for use by individuals with grasping or fine motor disabilities. The unit's corrosion-resistant valve dispenses viscous lotion soaps and synthetic detergents. Polyethylene globe fills from the top and holds 20 or 34 fluid ounces. The free turning spout and stem are stainless steel with bright finish. The escutcheon is chrome-plated brass. The adjustable threaded shank allows for installation in cou

Lever Faucet Handle.

Wide selection of single and two handle lever water mixers for bathroom and kitchen.

Magic Basin

The Magic Basin is a an accessible sink with a hands-free electronic faucet designed for use by individuals with fine motor or upper extremity disabilities. Sensors in the basin's tap fittings detect the position of hands in the basin and control the water flow and temperature accordingly. In the factory setting, designed for use in public areas, placing hands in the middle of the basin activates the faucet and produces a warm water flow. The faucet is deactivated by removing hands from the wate

Magic Faucet

The Magic Faucet is an electronic faucet designed for use by individuals with fine motor, grasping, or upper extremity disabilities. This faucet allows an individual with limited use of the hands to control water flow and temperature by touching the tap fitting or by moving the hand into the vicinity of the outlet (a distance of approximately two centimeters). The flow of water is ended by removing hands or by moving the hands or fingers through the flow of water. The faucet comes with 10 progra

Melrose Single Handle Kitchen Faucet With Pull-Out Spout (Model D456513)

The Melrose Single Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet, model D456513, is a single lever faucet designed for use by individuals with upper extremity, fine motor, or grasping disabilities. The unit features a single lever handle with a two-function pull-out spout (spray and aerated stream), and comes with a matching brass soap/lotion dispenser. DIMENSIONS: The unit fits 1 3/8 to 1.5 inch diameter mounting hole. WARRANTY: Limited lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.

Melrose Wristblade Handle Laundry Faucet (Model D100353)

The Melrose Wristblade Handle Laundry Faucet, model D100353, is a faucet with lever-style handles designed for use by individuals with upper extremity, fine motor, or grasping disabilities. The faucet includes a low-rise tubular spout with aerator, left and right blade handles, a hose end adapter, and a ceramic disc valve. DIMENSIONS: Unit width from the end of the left handle to the end of the right handle is 10 5/8 inches. The spout is 8.5 inches long. WARRANTY: Limited lifetime warranty for m

Metering Faucet (Model 90 - 75)

Metering faucet, push button requires 3 pounds of pressure for operation. Self closing, remains open at least 10 seconds. For bathroom lavatory.


Valve for showerhead or tub spout. Volume and temperature setting operate independently. High temperature limit stop standard on all units. Pressure balance operation.

Safetemp Ii Pressure Balance Valve (Model Gs-105)

The Safetemp II Pressure Balance Valve, model GS-105, is a temperature control valve that maintains shower or bath water temperatures within a comfort zone by equalizing hot and cold water pressure. This is a washerless rough-in valve with maintenance stops, made of rough brass. WARRANTY: Limited lifetime warranty.

Scald Guard

Valves only, or tub spout and shower head combinations. Can be set not to turn past hot temperature limit. Pressure balance available. Most have integral volume flow control.

Sensor Soap Pump

The Sensor Soap Pump is a liquid soap or lotion dispenser designed for use by individuals with neurological, upper extremity, or severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. This automatic unit dispenses soap touch-free when the user places a hand under the sensor. An LED light timer blinks for 20 seconds to indicate how long to lather for germ-free hands. Four volume settings allow the pump to dispense preset amounts of soap or lotion. The unit holds 14 ounces of soap or lotion. POWER: U

Shower Sentry System

The Shower Sentry System is a shower and water temperature control system designed to prevent scalding for those with reduced sensation or slower reaction times. The system reduces the volume of water required for an effective shower and automatically shuts off when the water temperature reaches 115 degrees Fahrenheit. This enables the user to take a hot shower, but prevents scalding caused by the excessively high water temperatures produced by hot water heaters typically set at 140 degrees or h

Single Handle Pressure Balance Tub/shower Fittings (Model C0-44-720)

The Single Handle Pressure Balance Tub/Shower Fitting, model C0-44-720, is a single lever shower faucet control designed for use by individuals with grasping or upper extremity disabilities. The wrist blade lever handle can be activated manually, or by wrist or elbow. The system has an adjustable shower head, solid cast brass housing, a ceramic cartridge, and pressure balance capability to maintain a temperature range of plus or minus 3 degrees Fahrenheit. CAPACITY: 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm)

Swedish Tap Turner (Model 16K037A)

The Swedish Tap Turner, model 16K037A, is a multi-pin tap and knob turner designed for use by individuals with arthritis, grasping disabilities, or limited grip strength. This device features a large handle and multiple nylon pins on the face to grasp many shapes of taps and knobs. The device is made of plastic.

Tap Spanners.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Devices for turning taps on and off using push or pull motions for persons with limited hand strength or dexterity. Illustrates construction of simple devices to turn taps, made of plywood cut in a paddle shape with dowels fastened to the wide end. The dowels fit around the tap, allowing it to be levered on or off. The device for taps with an even number of spokes has 4 dowels, that for an odd number has 3 dowels. Includes diagrams, drawings and photog

Tap Turner

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: The Tap Turner provides leverage for those with limited ability to turn taps and knobs. Illustrates a device made of 8 inches of an aluminum bar 1 by 1/8 inches with two pieces of 3/8 by 1 by 4 inches wood made into a handle; and two carriage bolts fastened 1 1/2 inches apart on the other end (or it can be made adjustable by making several holes on the strip and the inside bolt movable, fastened with a wing nut). SKILLS REQUIRED: Metalworking. Woodwork

Tap Turner (Model 16K025)

The Tap Turner, model 16K025, is a tap turner designed for use by individuals with fine motor or grasping disabilities, arthritis, or limited hand strength. This device clamps onto a water tap or a door knob to convert knobs that are difficult to turn into levers. DIMENSIONS: 2 inches (6 centimeters) diameter.

Tap Turners

The Tap Turners are tap turners designed for individuals with fine motor or grasping disabilities, arthritis, or limited hand strength. The devices are designed to fit onto a wide variety of sizes and shapes of both crystal and traditional crosshead taps. They are supplied as a pair with red handle for hot and a blue handle for cold. The lever handle is pivoted to allow for clearance with a wall at the back of the sink or basin.


Tapmaster is a hands-free faucet control designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. This compact valve assembly installs on any faucet and uses water pressure to function, eliminating the need for electronics, batteries, power supplies, or an air pressure system. Models are available with single or dual kick-pedal activation for single or dual water lines or for island cabinets; with kick-pedal activation and water temperature control for standard and island cabinetry; wi

The Gripper (Model 16L003A)

The Gripper, model 18L003A, is a knob turner designed for use by individuals with fine motor or grasping disabilities, arthritis, or limited hand strength. This indoor/outdoor gripper fits over existing handles such as spigots and other hard-to-turn handles. It comes with two separate grip locks making it compatible with most valve and spigot handles. The device also features red and blue indicator caps that aid in identifying hot and cold valves in the laundry area.

Touch-Free Ez Faucet Adapter

Touch-Free EZ Faucet Adapter is a hands-free faucet adapter designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or grasping disabilities, carpal tunnel syndrome, or arthritis. This adapter turns any kitchen or bathroom faucet into a hands-free faucet. The unit features a built-in infrared sensor that automatically turns the water on when hand movement is detected in front of the fixture. The water stays on only as long as the sensor is activated, eliminating unattended running water. This fixtu

Trap Gear

Trap Gear is a pipe wrap designed to go around exposed pipe surfaces, joints, and valves underneath public washroom sinks to protect wheelchair users from burns, cuts and abrasions resulting from contact with lavatory supply and waste lines. MATERIAL: Trap Wrap is made of vinyl plastisol, a durable PVC plastic. Ultraviolet (UV) and anti-fungal inhibitors ensure that the color will not fade due to exposure to UV rays and will prevent growth of fungus. The surface temperature remains below 95 degr

Tub Modifications

DO IT YOPURSELF ENTRYPURPOSE: To make bathing safer and more accessible for individuals with mobility disabilities and seniors. This section of a chapter entitled "Bathroom and Washing Up" provides a selection of suggestions for simple ways to make bathtub use safer and more accessible. Included are discussions about installing a hand-held showerhead and grab bars, purchasing and using a bath or shower bench or chair, ensuring sufficient lighting, installing anti-scalding devices, and adapting s

Two Handle Laundry Faucet (Model C0-44-242)

The Two Handle Laundry Faucet, model C0-44-242. is a lever handle faucet designed for use by individuals with fine motor or grasping disabilities. Features include a swing spout and hose adapter, wrist blade handles, solid cast brass housing, and a ceramic cartridge. DIMENSIONS: Spout is 6 3/16 inches long and includes 4-inch centers for mounting. COLOR: Chrome.

Universal Turner

The Universal Turner "Pigge" is a knob and tap turner designed for use by individuals with fine motor or grasping disabilities or arthritis. The device consists of a unit with retractable stainless steel pins attached to an L-shaped, latex-free plastic handle to increase turning leverage.When pressed against an irregularly-shaped item, knob or control, such as keys, dead bolts faucets, or stove controls, the retractable pins conform to and grip the object to be turned. The handle provides turnin

Volume Control.

Adjustable control for volume flow of water. Installed at faucet.

Wrist Blade Handles (Model 98-879)

The Wrist Blade Handles, model 98-879, are lever faucet handles designed for use by individuals with grasping or upper extremity disabilities. These blade type lever handles enable a person, who would not otherwise be able to use conventional handles, to turn water on and off. Wrist or elbow could be used rather than the hands. Handles come in sets of two. COLOR: Chrome.

Wristblade Handles (Model 317-Prjkcp)

Wristblade Handles, model 317-PRJKCP, are dual blade lever faucet handles designed to allow greater access to persons with limited hand dexterity or strength. Handles come in a pair with color coded buttons for hot and cold water. DIMENSIONS: Each blade is 4 inches long. COLOR: Chrome finish with red button for hot water control handle and blue button for cold water control handle.

Wynd 816 High Spout Widespread Lavatory Set - Lever Handles

The Wynd 816 High Spout Widespread Lavatory Set -Lever Handles is a set of two lever tap handles and a high spout designed for use by individuals with grasping or upper extremity disabilities. The set includes a cast brass spout and side valves, two lever handles, a ceramic disc valve cartidge, a flexible hose for 6 to 12 inch installations, and a 1.25-inch drain assembly. COLOR: Brushed nickel, diamond, old bronze, or platinum nickel finish.

Zoe Dolphin Vl Shower System

Zoe Dolphin Vll Shower System is a showerhead on an adjustable bar and a handheld showerhead, designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. The system allows the user to shower with the showerhead on its adjustable slide bar or with the handheld showerhead or both at the same time. The system includes a four-position shower head on a shower slide bar, and a four-position handheld shower head on a hose. Also included are a wall supply elbow, a vacuum breaker, and a Moentrol shower

Zoe Mariner Ll Pressure Balancing Shower Faucet System

The Zoe Mariner ll Pressure Balancing Shower Faucet System is a lever-handle shower faucet with a showerhead on an adjustable bar and a handshower on a flexible hose, designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. The system has a pressure-balancing valve to prevent scalding. The Showerhead and handheld body shower both have four spray settings. A diverter valve controls water from shower head to handheld sprayer. Fixtures are made of brass. A soap tray is also included. DIMENSIONS:


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