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Cordless Telephone with Headset

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Possum Sero Infrared Telephone

The Possum Sero! Remote Control Phone with Built-In-AAC is designed for use by individuals with speech and communication disabilities to communicate crucial messages over the telephone. The Sero is a hands-free infrared telephone which provides 50 user-recordable phrases (each 60 seconds long) that allows people with partial or no voice to communicate pre-set messages over the telephone. It also features Secure Spoken Identity (SSI) that uses caller ID services to speak the name of the person c

Voice Activated Cordless Phone (Model Ap- 100)

The Voice Activated Cordless Phone, model AP-100 VCS, is a voice activated cordless telephone with headset intended for use by people with mobility and upper extremity disabilities. No manipulation or operation of switches or other mechanical devices is required for complete control of this telephone. To activate the voice dialing mode, the user whistles a note into the headset. A state-of-the-art tone detector responds to a range of frequencies, eliminating the need to whistle a particular pitc

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