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Body Dryer

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Tornado Body Dryer

The Tornado Body Dryer is a body dryer designed for use by individuals with balance, mobility, or upper extremity disabilities, burns, arthritis, or amputation. This in-shower device is intended to dry the shower-taker or bather, head-to-toe, by blowing warm air on him or her instead of using a towel. The body dryer has two speed settings: low keeps the shower or bath area warm and high dries the user when she or he is finished showering or bathing. Because the maintenance-free unit swirls warm

Valiryo Body Dryer

The Valiryo Body Dryer is designed for users who are in need of bathroom aids for individuals who are mobile, but restricted to some degree in their movements. Recommended users are those with upper extremity amputation, balance disabilities, mobility disabilities, severe physical disabilities, upper extremity disabilities, lower extremity amputation, burns, cerebral palsy, short stature and skin diseases. Valiryo users are able to dry by themselves and, since it is not necessary to squat or ben

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