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Electronic Storybook Reader

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C-Pen Exam Reader

The C-Pen Exam Reader pen scanner is a pocket-sized pen with a jack for headphones designed for students with dyslexia to allow them to take exams independently by reading and understanding the questions. Reads English, Spanish, French, German or Italian exam questions in a human-like digital voice. No special access arrangements are required. The headphones allow students with learning disabilities to take their exam with their peers.

Magnilink Voice

MagniLink Voice is a portable reading machine that is designed for use by persons who are blind or have low vision. MagniLink Voice can be customized for the user. The reading speed, volume, audio profiles, voices and light can be adjusted to the user’s specifications. This device supports SAP15, which allows use of additional voices from third party suppliers, such as Acapela/infovox4. The MagniLink reads misaligned documents and allows voice feedback for all functions. There is also automa

Magnilink Voice II Portable Reading Machine

The Magnilink Voice II Portable Reading Machine is designed for use by individuals who are blind, low vision, or have learning disabilities. It is a portable notebook with a modern design, designed in a spirit of simplicity, while still performing well. The device works by raising the camera arm, placing a document underneath and pressing start. Magnilink Voice II is also capable of saving the users documents on a USB stick in text format and reading them again later either from Magnilink Voice

Reading Time Communicator (Model 1524)

The Reading Time Communicator, model 1524, is an electronic storybook reader designed for use by children with communication or cognitive disabilities. Any size book is clipped to the communicator and each page of text is recorded using the six built-in mini-gumball switches. Next, a colored sticker is fixed to each book page to correspond to the colored switches. (When the book has more than six pages, the story is continued on the next level.) To hear the story, the child presses the switch th

Story Reader

The Story Reader is an electronic storybook reader designed for use by children with cognitive or learning disabilities. This lightweight, portable unit utilizes story cartridges and 24-page books. The cartridge is inserted in the device and the corresponding book is placed in the holder. As the child turns the pages, of the book, the story is read aloud with music and sound effects. The Story Reader is equipped with a magnetic closure and a built-in carrying handle. One book is included. POWER:

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