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Catheter Clamp

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C Clamp (Model 6039)

The C-clamp, model 6039, is a catheter clamp designed to be used for a catheter tube. The clamp is of a screw down pressure clamp style.

Catheter Clamp (Model 72942)

The Catheter Clamp, model 72942, is made of acetal plastic and has serrated jaws 1 1/16 inches long. The clamp has a positive lock and springs open when released to allow one hand use. Sold in packages of 1 dozen. DIMENSIONS: Overall length is 2 5/16 inches.

Clamp Metal Lever Type (Model 6040)

The Clamp Metal Lever Type, model 6040, is a catheter clamp. The short lever requires some finger function.

Clamp Metal Snap Type (Model 6060)

The Clamp Metal Snap Type is a clamp designed to be used with a catheter. The metal clamp is a spring type, snap catheter clamp and requires finger function.

Denver Pleurx Drainage Kit

The Denver Pleurx Drainage Kit is designed for use by individuals who use catheters. The drainage kit provides all of the items the patient or caregiver needs for home drainage. The primary component is a unique evacuated plastic bottle with drainage line. The access tip on the drainage line opens the safety valve on the pleural catheter. Once the clamp on the drainage bottle is released, fluid is withdrawn from the pleural cavity into the bottle. Drainage is typically accomplished in 3 to 5 min

Dribblestop Male Incontinence Clamp

DribbleStop is a male urinary incontinence clamp used externally for Men to prevent urine leakage or dripping. Men who undergo surgery for prostate disease or prostate cancer or who have an enlarged prostate may experience urinary incontinence as a result of their condition. This external Incontinence Clamp, worn just behind the head of the penis, exerts just enough pressure to the urethra to prevent the flow of urine without restricting blood circulation. Made of plastic and foam, the DribbleSt

Uriclak Male Urinary Incontinence Clamp

The Uriclak® Male Urinary Incontinence Clamp, often called a penile clamp, is intended for urinary incontinence resulting from enlarged prostate, post prostate surgery, or other bladder or urinary tract condition. The Uriclak® effectively controls leaking and dripping and is not noticeable under clothing. This personal hygiene product is not returnable if removed from its packaging. Uriclak® is a registered trademark of Reiner Microtek.

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