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Headset Mixer

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The Horus is a wearable device developed to assist blind and visually impaired individuals during their entire day.The device observes, understands, and describes the environment to the user, providing useful information in a discreet way and with the right timing. Horus can help the user by reading texts, recognizing objects, faces and also pedestrian crossings and obstacles. Using bone conduction, the hearing of the user is in no way affected (as opposed to using earphones) and it will be poss

Stereo Headset Mixer

The Stereo Headset Mixer is designed for use by individuals who are blind or who have low vision. This device enables a standard stereo headset (not included) to be used with a voice synthesizer such as DECTalk (not included; see separate entry) and a transcriber (not included) simultaneously. Audio can be be mixed with combined sound being heard in both ears, or separated so the audio from the synthesizer is heard through one side of the headset and audio from the transcriber is heard through t

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