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Accessible Document Software

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Accessible Web Publishing Wizard For Microsoft Office

The Accessible Web Publishing Wizard for Microsoft Office is a Web page creation program that is designed to provide a simple way to create accessible and standards-compliant Web versions of Office documents. The Wizard is an add-in for MS Office which creates instead of an external program, a new option - "Save as Accessible Webpage" - in the "File" menu of MS Office documents (including Word, PowerPoint and Excel). The Wizard provides an alternative to the built-in Web publishing features of

Deque Undoc For Pdf

Deque UnDoc is accessible document software designed to make Portable Document Files (PDF) accessible to individuals with vision and reading disabilities. This software tool repurposes PDF documents into well-structured HTML and XML so that it can be made accessible for people with disabilities. Deque UnDoc is accessible with JAWS For Windows (see entry) and transforms embedded images into appropriate formats, such as EPS, TIF, PSD or JPEG, GIF, and PNG. This software supports tagged and untagge

Pdf Magic Pro

PDF Magic Pro is accessible document software designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This software converts PDF files to one of eleven different formats, including Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, HTML, ASCII text, and CVS. Documents can be processed in batches of up to 2,000 PDF files. The program can be used to convert textbooks supplied to schools in electronic format with each page of the book in a separate PDF file. Once the files are queued, the program processe


The ReadDesk is a scanning, reading, and magnifying device designed for users with low vision for making reading easy and accessible. It has instant text to speech capabilities as well. The ReadDesk can scan, read, magnify, save, and listen to any printed material in a natural sounding voice. Users need to install the software, connect the camera to a laptop or desktop computer using the USB cable and will be ready to use. ReadDesk captures, magnifies, and reads entire pages from books, newspape

Survival Signs & Symbols Software

The Survival Signs & Symbols Software set is instructional software designed for students with learning disabilities and young children of all ability levels to strengthen their knowledge of 75 common signs and symbols. Activities include matching pictures to written cues, or for limited readers, matching signs and symbols to spoken cues. Students then “flip” each sign to learn its meaning and common locations. 


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