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Urinary Deodorant Detergent

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Bard Medi-Aire Biological Odor Eliminator, Model-7024A

Bard Medi-Aire Biological Odor Eliminator is a concentrated formula which chemically eliminates odors associated with urine, feces, emesis, and necrotic tissue. It is intended to be used by people with mobility disabilities or incontinence.

Marlen Liquid Odour Guard (Model 503), Deodorizer (Model 504), Urinary Krystal Kleener (Model 505)

Ostomy supplies. Liquid Odour Guard (503) neutralizes and destroys odour causing bacteria; for use inside the pouch of colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy; comes in 4 ounce plastic squeeze bottle. Deodorizer (504) is a concentrated liquid for cleaning all types of ostomy appliances; comes in 12 ounce bottle which makes 6 gallons of solution. Urinary Krystal Kleener (505) removes calcium crystal deposits inside rubber or plastic urinary appliances; comes in 16 ounce plastic bottle.

ReliaMed Lubricating Deodorant Drops, Model-ZR8OZLD

ReliaMed Lubricating Deodorant Drops combine odor control with lubrication to facilitate drainage pouch cleansing. It is designed for people with mobility or incontinence disabilities. Blue color provides a visual indication of surface coverage.

Sween Bedside Care (Models 1762, 1764, 1768, & 1755)

Sween Bedside Care is a skin care product designed for use by individuals with incontinence or who need to wash in bed. This no-rinse, antiseptic all-body wash and incontinent cleanser provides a complete bath in a bottle. Each mildly fragranced spray cleanses and deodorizes sensitive skin without depleting essential moisture, and soothes reddened, inflamed skin. This product comes in 4 fluid ounce (model 1768), 8 fluid ounce (model 1762), 1 gallon (model 1764), or 30 gallon (model 1755) bottles

Urolux (Models 700202, 700204, & 700216)

Urolux appliance cleanser is specifically formulated to break down crystal build ups and clean all urinary appliances. Urolux is a highly concentrated formula avaialbe in 2, 4 and 16 ounce sizes.

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