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Manual on Eating Skills for Blind

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EZ Fill Pouring Aid

EZ Fill is a device that aids in filling containers, such as a glass or cup. The aid hangs on the edge of the container, and when liquid fills to about one inch from the top, the device produces a signal, alerting the user.

Parent Early Childhood Education Series (Models 7-96200, 7-96201, 5-96201 & 5-96202)

The Parent Early Childhood Education Series is a set of training materials designed to provide instruction for developing critical skills for parents and teachers of children who are visually disabled. It consists of nine activity sheets each of which describes specific techniques parents can use to help their visually disabled child achieve maximum growth in a key developmental area. Activity areas include cognitive skills, communication, eating skills, emotional development, general suggestion

Pleasure Of Eating For Those Who Are Visually Impaired, The (Models Pe1, Pe2, & Pe3)

"The Pleasure of Eating for Those Who are Visually Impaired" is a manual on eating skills for blind and low vision individuals. The booklet contains practical suggestions and ideas on mastering eating skills collected by the author over many years. The booklet is available in Braille (model PE1, $12.95), large print (model PE2, $6.95), or audio cassette (model PE3, $6.95).

Talking Kitchen Scale

The Talking Kitchen Scale is a kitchen scale designed for people with vision disabilities to cook or bake independently. A switch enables this scale to accurately weigh up to 5,000 grams in 5-gram increments or up to 11 pounds in .50 ounce graduations and to announce the weight in a clear, easily understandable male voice. Battery not included.

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