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Low Vision Analog Clock

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14-Inch Wall Clock

The 14-Inch Wall Clock is an analog wall clock designed for use by individuals with low vision. This large dial analog wall clock features a round resin flush mount frame, Arabic numbers, and straight hands. POWER: Uses 1 AA battery (not included). DIMENSIONS: 14 inch diameter. COLOR: White clock face with black numbers and black mounting frame.

Analog Clock Model

Analog Clock Model is a clock designed for children with low vision. Helps teach about time-telling concepts. Has Braille and raised print markings and hands that are easily rotated. The hands are synchronized like those on an actual clock.Analog Clock Model is a clock designed for childern.

Giant-View Clock - Tactile Easy View Clock (Model 47520)

The Giant-View Clock - Tactile Easy View Clock, model 47520, is a low vision analog clock designed for table or wall use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This quartz clock has a square case and a traditional clock face with hour and minute hands that sweep around in a circle. The face has large numbers with high contrast colors. The clock has tactile markings that designate numbers as follows: one dot on the 12; three dots at the 3, 6, and 9; and two dots at all the other number

Oak Dayclock With Time

The Oak DayClock with Time is a day clock designed for use by individuals with Alzheimer's disease or memory or cognitive disabilities. This round clock features an outer ring that functions as a standard wall clock and an inner circle that is divided into seven sections labeled with the day of the week. The line dividing each of the segments represents midnight, and the midway point of each day, noon, is represented by a small notch in the middle of each day. The single day hand makes one full

Opticlock (Model 8008)

The OptiClock, model 8008, is a travel alarm clock designed for use by individuals with low vision. This clock comes with an illuminated 2x magnifier that slides over its analog-style face. The distortion-free lens has an automatic focus feature and doubles the size of the numbers. The lighted magnifier can be used separately for books, medicine bottles, or menus. The clock has an analog quartz movement; a four-step, 75-decibel crescendo alarm; and a snooze function. It folds for storage in a tr

Opticlock Ii (Model 08010)

OptiClock II, model 08010, is an alarm clock designed for use by individuals with low vision. This analog-style clock comes with a 2x magnifier that attaches to the clock face. It has an adjustable tilting head, an illumination button, a 75-decibel crescendo alarm, and a snooze button. POWER: Uses one double-A battery (not included). DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 2.5 x 5 x 2.75 inches. COLOR: Silver/Gray.

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