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Ear Protector

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Califone Safe Hearing Protector Dual Ear Muff Headphones

The Califone Safe Hearing Protector Dual Ear Muff Headphones is a hearing protector that blocks out potentially damaging external noises by completely covering the outer ear. Offering a 28 decibel (dB) noise reduction rating, the Califone Dual Ear Muff is designed to be worn while in industrial arts areas, factories, or other loud areas. It features a rugged polypropylene headstrap with an adjustable headband, ABS plastic earcups, PVC rubber/leatherette ear pads, and a bright red safety color on

Ear Band-It

The Ear Band-It is an ear protector designed to keep water out of the ears of swimmers who have ear tubes. The reversible neoprene headband is worn at or below the hairline and fastens behind the neck with a Velcro closure. OPTIONS: A pair of reusable soft silicone ear plugs is available for use with the headband. SIZES: Small (for children three years of age and younger), medium (for children four to ten years of age), and large (for people ten years of age to adult). COLOR: All sizes are avail

Ety-Plugs & Babyblues High Fidelity Earplugs (Model Er-20)

ETY-Plugs and BabyBlues High Fidelity Earplugs, model ER-20, are ear protectors designed to prevent hearing loss in loud environments. These ready-fit earplugs reduce sound approximately 20 decibels at all frequencies. They replicate the ear's natural response, so sound quality is preserved and speech is clear and not muffled. The standard size fits most adults; BabyBlues are for individuals with smaller ear canals. The earplugs come with a carrying case and instructions. SIZES: Small (BabyBlues

Junior Noise Reduction Earmuffs

The Junior Noise Reduction Earmuffs are ear protectors designed for use by individuals who have sensitivity to noise. The earmuffs are for indoor use only and the wearer is still able to hear conversations and commands while wearing the earmuffs. Features include an adjustable, padded headband with liquid-foam ear cushions that reduce environmental nose by 22 decibels. COLORS: Black, blue or pink.

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