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Modified Towel

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Getting Yourself Dry

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY PURPOSE: To provide methods of drying after bathing for seniors and individuals with arthritis, mobility disabilities, and other physical disabilities. Suggestions include substituting a terry cloth robe for a traditional towel and cutting a large stip of towelling and attaching web or cloth loop handles to create a towel with hand grips. Cutting the bottom off a robe creates a "bath jacket" to reduce chilling when bathing takes some time. Attaching a terry cloth pouch over

Sling Towel.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Adapted towel to assist person with limited arm motion. Webbing or twill tape loops are sewn to each end of a towel allowing the towel to be used as a sling. The towel should be approximately 38 by 20 inches. Fold the towel in half lengthwise and stitch the long side together. Cut the tape into two pieces 11 inches long. Position the tape at each corner forming a loop and stitch. Includes photograph. SKILLS REQUIRED: sewing. AUTHOR: Kernaleguen, A. TIT

Parent Category: Bath Aids

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