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Low Vision Reading Program

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HIMS Lifestyle HD Desktop Video Magnifier 24"

The HIMS Lifestyle HD Desktop Video Magnifier 24" is designed for individuals with low vision to help them be able to read. High definition image can reduce eye fatigue and the sea-sick sensation that some users may feel after long periods of time using standard resolution magnifier. Can be kept on a desk, countertop, or reading table. Can be connected to a computer to display what is on the monitor. Features more than 150 magnification levels. Easily zoom the magnification from 3.1x – 95x. Magn

Ideal Group Reader

IDEAL Group Reader is a voice output electronic book (e-book) reader that can be used by individuals who are blind or have low vision or other disabilities that make reading difficult. An application (or app) for an Android device, this program reads text aloud and highlights sections of text as they are being read. The app’s screenreading capabilities and accessible navigation features enable the user to read both ePub2 and ePub3 books. The program also allows the user to take notes using speec


The Mano portable video magnifier is a handheld video magnifier designed for use by individuals with low vision. The Mano magnifier features a 3.5-inch widescreen TFT (thin film transistor) LCD (liquid crystal display) screen with freeze frame. The screen has multiple viewing modes, including black on white, white on black, green on black, yellow on black and yellow on blue. The unit magnifies images between 1 and 20 times their original size and has continuous zoom. The unit comes with a carryi

Solar-Powered Talking Bible

The Solar-Powered Talking Bible is designed to provide scripture audio for those with blindness or have cognitive disabilities that prevent them from reading.

Super Speak & Read

Super Speak & Read is a story reading program and educational electronic toy that uses phonics and sight-reading methods to help children relate letters and letter patterns to sounds, and helps them to build words and complete sentences. This device may be suitable for children with low vision due to its voice output features, the enlarged black on white print, and the control buttons that have blue on white symbols as well as smaller print words to indicate On, Off, Repeat, Skip Ahead, and


ZoomReader is a video magnification program and a voice output optical character recognition (OCR) program designed for use by people with low vision. This program enables an Apple iPhone 4 to function as a magnifier and to read text out loud for people who have difficulty seeing enlarged text. The program takes a picture of the item the user wants to see magnified, then converts the image into text using OCR technology. The user can read the magnified text or listen to it as ZoomReader reads th

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