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Wheelchair Commode

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Bariatric Shower/commode Chair (Model 720)

The Bariatric Shower/Commode Chair, model 720, is a shower chair designed for use by large individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities. FRAME (LxW): 42.5 (including footrest) x 26 1/8, 28 1/8, 30 1/8, or 32 1/8 inches. The chair has a stainless steel, rigid frame with push handles and anti-tippers. SEAT (LxW): 20 7/16 x 20, 22, 24, or 26 inches. A removable commode pan is included. CUSHION: Ensolite seamless seat and back cushions with full-width padded seat. ARMRESTS: Full-length,


---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a collapsible lightweight shower/commode wheelchair-like device for individuals with disabilities. The Freedom is designed for individuals with mobility or lower extremity disabilities or spinal cord injury who travel and require a lighter, more compact alternative to currently available shower commode wheelchairs. The chair is designed to assist individuals with disabilities to gain more freedom and personal space when showering and toi

Guardian Shower/commode Chair (Models 99200, 99204, & 99208)

Wheelchair commode. Fully padded back and seat with water repellant vinyl, removable rear wheels, folding back for portability, lightweight aluminum construction, commode pan, push handles, removable armrests, multiple position commode opening, swing away removable footrests, 5 inch rubber front casters. Available with 5 inch rear casters and jack brakes, 24 inch mag or steel spoke rear wheels, aluminum or plastic coated handrim.

Multi Use Chair (Model 262-20)

The Multi Use Chair (model 262-20) is a wheelchair commode with 20- inch rear wheels and 5-inch front casters. Other features include hand lever operated brakes; hand rims for self propulsion; cushioned, interchangeable commode and solid seats; open frame construction for over-toilet use; removable, adjustable swing-away footrests; and removable arms and back. The extended wheel base has anti-tip pins. DIMENSIONS: Overall width 25 inches; overall depth 29.5 inches; floor to top of seat 19,5 inch

Roll-Inbuddy Heavy Duty (Model Sb4)

The Roll-InBuddy Heavy Duty, model SB4, is a wheelchair shower commode designed for use by individuals with balance, lower extremity, mobility or severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. It is ergonomically designed to be used in roll-in showers and the height of the chair is adjustable to accommodate tall users. It features a cut-out commode seat with a commode pan that attaches under the seat, and it is capable of rolling over toilets up to 21 inches tall with the pan removed. Othe

Shower / Commode Chair (Models Scc20, Scc22 & Scc26)

The Shower/Commode Chair is a wheelchair commode and shower chair designed for use by obese people with mobility disabilities. FRAME: Non-folding, heavy-duty stainless steel frame. The chair is 45 inches long and 36 inches high; model SCC20 is 28 inches wide, model SCC22 is 30 inches wide, and model SCC26 is 34 inches wide. SEAT: Hinged, padded commode seat with removable pail. Model SCC20 has a 20-inch wide seat, model SCC22 has a 22-inch wide seat, and model SCC26 has a 26-inch wide seat. The

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