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Powered Feeder

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Assistive Dining Device

The Assistive Dining Device is a powered feeder designed to enable individuals with upper extremity disabilities to feed themselves without using their arms or hands. This powered feeder has rotating bowls, a mechanical spoon, and a positioning arm. The bowls containing the food rotate until the desired food is located under the spoon. The spoon then dips into the bowl, scoops up the food, and presents a rounded spoonful of food very near the lips of the user. The user must lean forward slightly

Beeson Automaddak Feeder (Model H74501)

The Beeson Automaddak Feeder, model H74501, is a powered feeder for persons with severe physical limitations due to cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, or other disabilities involving movement, coordination, or range of motion. This electrically operated automatic feeder places a spoonful of food close to the mouth. Control pads are mounted near the top for use with a headstick, and may be relocated, if necessary. One control operates a spoon which takes food from a Pyrex glass plate and raises

Electric Programmable Neater Eater

The Neater Eater Electric Version is a powered feeder designed for use by individuals with severe physical disabilities which make self feeding difficult. The feeding arm can be programmed so the spoon scoops food from the plate and brings it to the user's mouth. The device can be set up for five different diners and the automatic cycle of the spoon can be controlled in four different ways: A single eating cycle has the spoon run once; a Go While Pressed cycle has the spoon move only when the sw


---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of an eye-controlled robotic arm feeding system for individuals with mobility disabilities and/or paralysis. iCRAFT (eye Controlled Robotic Arm Feeding Technology) was developed by students at Northeastern University. iCRAFT allows the user to move its robotic arm by moving his or her eyes. With the iCRAFT system, there is absolutely no physical connection between the device and the user. All the user needs to do is look at one of four larg

My Spoon

My Spoon is a powered feeder designed for use by individuals with eating disabilities, spinal cord injury, upper extremity disabilities, or upper extremity amputation. This device allows users to eat most types of everyday food with minimal help from a caregiver. The user sits upright to be fed. A base unit sits on the table next to a dish with four comparments, and an arm raises food to the user's mouth. The device can operate in manual, semi-automatic, or automatic modes, with a joystick, butt

Stroller With Drip Feeder Attached

CUSTOM ADAPTATIONPURPOSE: To enable a child with mobility and eating disabilities to be taken out of the house for longer periods of time. A drip feeder (consisting of a bag with liquid nutrients, a battery-powered electric pump, and flexible plastic tubing between the bag, pump and child) is mounted on a child's stroller. The pump is mounted on a wood post attached to the center of a metal base bolted to across the back of the stroller frame. The diameter of the post is identical to that of the

Winsford Feeder

The Winsford Feeder is a height-adjustable powered feeder designed to enable individuals with quadriplegia or other upper extremity disabilities to independently feed themselves soup or any solid food that can be cut into small enough pieces . The height adjustment is accomplished using the large knob on the device. The unit includes a carrying case, a Corelle dinner-sized plate, a soup/cereal bowl, pusher, chin switch, glass holder, turntable, shelf, plug-in rocker switch, and drip pan. To eat

Winsford Feeder With Case (Model 124601)

The Windsford Feeder With Case, model 124601, is powered feeder designed to enable people with upper extremity disabilities to feed themselves at their own speed. A slight head motion on the chin switch activates the motorized pusher that fills the spoon, which automatically moves to the mouth. Controlled rotation of the plate selects food for each mouthful. A bowl may be substituted for the plate by removing the plate and pusher and adding the turntable, shelf, and drip pan. A separate knob adj

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