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Crawling Trainer

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Ableware 704092000 Maddacrawler Prone Support Walker

The Maddacrawler Prone Support Walker teaches elementary crawling skills to children with developmental delays. The design properly aligns the childs body while encouraging crawling motion and weight bearing on hands and knees. Sling provides strength, support, and comfort and is height adjustable from 9 17" (22.9 45.2 cm) to accommodate different sized children. The body of the crawler is lightweight durable plastic and weighs approximately 20 lb. (9 kg). Casters are factory installed and suita

Adaptive Infant Crawler

Adaptive Infant Crawler is designed for use by individuals with limited use of their lower extremities associated with neurological involvement, spina bifida, and cerebral palsy. One of the goals with these instructions is to create a product for infants so that they can better explore their surroundings. The other is to do it in such a way that it allows the builder to recreate this product with commercially available materials and tools available in their environment.

Adjustable Crawl Trainer (Model W4800)

Adjustable crawling trainer supports torso while child crawls. Torso support pad is angle adjustable and adjusts in height from 8 to 11 inches. For children 2 to 8 years old. Steel construction with leatherette support and ball bearing casters.

Child's Mobility Crawler (Model 2450)

The Child's Mobility Crawler, model 2450, is a crawling trainer designed to provide comfortable support to neurologically delayed or orthopedically involved children while performing crawling and coordiation exercises. The Naugahyde covered foam is contured to naturally hold the child's body. Included are removable head and arm supports and ball casters for easy movement. DIMENSIONS (WxLxH): 15 x 30 x 8 inches. COLORS: Black, space blue, regimental blue, blue ridge, forest green, burgundy, sand,

Crawlabout Crawl Trainer

The Crawlabout Crawl Trainer is designed for children with neurological, physical, upper or lower extremity disabilities while instructing, encouraging and reinforcing crawling. The aluminum frame and foam-padded, suspended harness are height adjustable. Push handles can be attached as crawling skill progresses. The caregiver can steer from the rear to provide necessary assistance. SIZES: Small: Overall Width 23”, Overall Height 22-25", Overall Depth 18", Harness Width x Depth 12”, Harness Dept


The CrawlAhead is designed to help develop infant crawling skills, tummy-time tasks, and quadruped tasks. The crawler positions infants for normal development of crawling and assists delayed infants to work on prone-lying or quadruped tasks. Promotes good positioning to assist with strength and coordination abilities.

Creepster Crawler (Models Cr-1 & Cr-2)

The Creepster Crawler is a crawling trainer designed for use with children with neurological, physical, or lower extremity disabilities. This device consists of an aluminum frame on casters with an attached foam-padded harness that suspends the child in the four-point crawling position. The adjustable harness accommodates growth and allows for variability in the amount and distribution of weight bearing on the extremities. The front bars of the frame are padded for safety. The unit also has a pa

Hands And Feet Crawling Pattern Set (Model Pc 8143)

The Hands and Feet Crawling Pattern Set, model PC 8143, is a crawling trainer designed to be placed in various patterns to teach homo-lateral patterns and cross pattern movements to children with physical disabilities. The set may also be used to reinforce the concepts of directionality, laterality, likenesses, and differences. The set consists of rubber cutouts of 12 hands and 12 feet, right and left. COLOR: Red and blue.

Southpaw Belly Booster (Model 1955)

The Belly Booster, model 1955, is a bolster rolldesigned to work as an abdominal support for crawling activities for individuals with physical disabilities. Two adjustable side pieces act as stoppers so that the bolster will roll only as far as desired. When the sides stop the bolster from rolling forward, it automatically rolls backward. The Belly Booster can also support the users back or belly without rolling in order to build flexion patterns and trunk tone. It also acts as a T-stool where c

Walkable (Models Wk75 & Wk100)

The WalkAble, models WK75 and WK100, is a suspension ambulation aid designed for use by children with mobility and walking disabilities. The device consists of an open wheeled base supporting a body suspension harness, enabling the child to be safely supported while walking over ground or on a treadmill. In combination with an appropriate training program, the WalkAble can help improve the user's gait patterns, posture, balance, muscle strength and overall endurance levels. The WalkAble unit is

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