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Word Catalog for Speech Therapists

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Communication Icon Galleries Cd-Rom

Communication Icon Galleries CD-ROM is a word catalog for speech therapists designed for use with Ke:nx, and Ke:nx On:Board, the Discover:Switch, or the Discover:Screen (see entries). This CD-ROM combines five icon libraries with more than 7,000 icons that can be altered to suit the user. The program is designed to locate icons by topic or name and contains MacinTalk II and MacinTalk II Pro text-to-speech voices designed for high-quality speech output from the computer; the user is also given th

See and Learn Playing with Sounds

The See and Learn Playing with Sounds kit is designed for parents, teachers, and therapists to help babies, preschoolers, and children with Down Syndrome begin to speak correctly, and help them listen to learn speech sounds. See and Learn Playing with Sounds supports activities that encourage attention, listening, discrimination, and production of the sounds that make up speech. See and Learn Playing with Sounds introduces 41 speech sounds (phonemes) in the English language with clear picture ca

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