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Speech Teaching Device

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B.a. Bar

B.A. Bar is a voice output bar code communication aid, cognitive aid, and speech teaching device designed for use by individuals with autism, aphasia, cognitive disabilities, or brain injury. This portable unit has a digital voice and can record and play back words and sounds programmed on barcodes. Adhesive barcode labels are glued onto objects or symbol panels; scanning enbles voice output. The codes are also available in a graphic file, enabling them to be printed on documents. Up to 10,000 b

Chatter Phone (Model Pvc-C)

The Chatter Phone, model PVC-C, is a speech teaching device designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing or who have dysarthria, communication or speech disabilities. This personal voice enhancer provides articulation feedback. One end of the tube is placed next to the mouth as the user speaks, and the other end is placed next to the ear.

Csl - Computerized Speech Lab (Model 4300)

CSL (Computerized Speech Lab) is a computer-based speech teaching system for recording, analyzing, and playing back speech patterns for individuals with speech disabilities. Applications include speech and voice pathology, acoustc phonetics and speech science, or english as a second language. The system features customizable pull-down menus, two input channels, digital input and output filters, and a 40 MHz digital signal processor. Spectrograms, formant trace, pitch extractions, power spectrum

Dino Bubbles

Dino Bubbles, model TT206, is an exhalation therapy toy designed for children who have had a tracheostomy. The plastic dinosaur bubble bottle necklace hangs on a 28-inch cord and comes with non-toxic bubbles and wand. COLOR: Assorted neon colors.

Dino Whistle

The Dino Whistle, model TT207, is a green plastic dinosaur whistle on a 28- inch purple cord designed for exhalation therapy for children who have had a tracheostomy.

Easy Talker

Easy Talker is a story-workbook designed for children copping with stuttering. Addresses fluency disorders in students grades 3-12 with story-workbook activities for understanding and coping stuttering. Focuses on holistic approaches to the treatment of stuttering including task analysis to identify needed skills, extensive use of examples, metaphors and exercises for hands on learning and specific activities that help users deal with fear and frustration. Features a clinician's manual and a ran

Grab, Go And Gab Bag (Model G3B)

The Grab, Go and Gab Bag, model G3B, is a speech therapy kit with communication cueing cards and other speech teaching devices designed for use by children with cognitive, communication, or speech disabilities. The kit includes communication tools for a community mobility trip all in one ready-to-go bag. The canvas bag has clear plastic pockets to hold pictures (included) of community locations the group plans to visit; 96 laminated food item pictures for Picture Exchange Communication System (P

Hearit Se (Model 500)

The Hearit SE, model 500, is an auditory training activity designed for use with individuals with dyslexia, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or hearing or auditory processing disabilities. This tool consists of a microphone unit and headset. The device is used for individual training therapy to help students with articulation difficulties with self-monitoring and improved production of sounds. The instrument can also be used independently by a st

Hearit Se 3 Step Training Kit (Model 560)

The Hearit SE 3 Step Training Kit, model 560, is an auditory training activity designed for use with individuals with dyslexia, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or hearing or auditory processing disabilities. This kit includes the Hearit SE, accessories for Speech Therapy/Bilingual Kit and Broadcaster (see entries) to facillitate individual, small group, or classroom work.

Hearit Speech Therapy Kit (Model 530)

The Hearit Speech Therapy Kit, model 530, is a speech teaching device designed for use with small groups with speech disabilities. This kit includes the Hearit SE (see entry), a four-headphone branch connector, four headphones, and a carrying case.

Hopping Frogs Game

Hopping Frogs Game is a designed to help children working improving their articulation skills. This game contains 420 game cards focusing on the developing sounds (P, B, T, D, K, G, and F) in a fun and enjoyable way. Each sound has specific question cards for initial, medial, and final positions in single words. Hopping Frogs is designed to allow you to work on a single target sound and position for all players, or address individual target sounds and positions for each player. For language deve

Language Facilitator Device (Models 3057 & 3058)

The Language Facilitator Device is a speech teaching device designed for use by individuals with speech or communication disabilities. Model 3057 is a four-message communicator with up to 30 seconds of time in each square for a total of 120 seconds of recording time. Model 3058 has 12 levels with six seconds of recording time per message, for a total of 300 seconds. To use, users select a message or sound to hear, and then watch themselves pronounce the word or sounds in the mirror while lights

Noise Sensitive Traffic Light (Model 1830)

The Noise Sensitive Traffic Light, model 1830, is a wall-mounted speech teaching device designed to encourage awareness of sound levels. This unit can be used in individually or in group speech therapy to increase awareness of speech volume as the light changes from red to yellow to green based on volume level. In classrooms and other settings, the device can be used to control noise levels, with the light turning red when noise levels reach unacceptable levels and green when the noise level dec

Prop-It Speech Therapists' Travel Kit

The Prop-It Speech Therapists' Travel Kit is a speech therapy kit containing a stand with bookholder and other items useful for assessment and training of individuals with speech disabilities. A collapsible plastic stand supports cards, mirrors, and magnetic boards. The stand has a ledge for holding papers and books, an adjustable band to keep books open, and adjustable supports to hold tall papers and books. The kit also includes a non-breakable mirror, a steel magnetic board with a dry erase w

Quick Start Communication Kit

Quick Start Communication Kit is designed for assistive technology trainers and speech language pathologists working with children and adults with communication disorders associated with cerebral palsy, stroke, and autism.  The kit includes the following:

See It and Sign It Game - Level 2

See It and Sign It Game - Level 2 is an game that teaches ASL (American Sign Language).  It consists of six games in one and comes with a DVD with live action demonstrations of hand signs. Level 2 includes Spanish translations and you’ll learn an additional 120 words. Categories of signs include: Numbers, Alphabet, Actions, Animals, Colors, Feelings, Food and People. Includes 60 game cards, 10 two-sided game boards, two decoder lenses, easy remember guides, one DVD, and instructions. 

Speak Easy (Model 4392)

The Speak Easy, model 4392, is a speech teaching device designed for use with children with communication disabilities. Shaped like a tubular telephone handset, this device enables children to listen to their reading rate, phrasing, and expression and to receive auditory feedback for speech therapy when they speak into it. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 6 x 1 inches.

Speech Beach

Speech Beach is an activity designed for preschool students with disabilities used to target expressive and receptive language, specifically identifying objects, and answering questions. In addition to language, this activity targets pragmatic skills such as turn-taking and following directions. Buried in the dry white rice (the "sand") are small figurines of common objects, such as a marble or a seashell. The children dig objects out of the sand identify them, and add them to a bucket.

Speech Buddies

Speech Buddies is designed for children with articulation disorders to help train their tongue placement, coordination and movement. Speech buddies are designed to help with R,S,L,CH and SH sounds. Uses tactile biofeedback by presenting a precisely located target so the user can feel correct tongue placement and movement required for speech. This product can be helpful to those with cleft palate or apraxia.

Speech Therapist With Mirror (Model 9153)

The Speech Therapist with Mirror, model 9153, is a speech teaching device designed for use with individuals with speech disabilities. This talking device enables the user to visualize the formation of his/her words. It stores up to 20 seconds of speech and allows four five-second messages. Simply touch the plate switch to activate the pre-recorded message and begin training. This device can also be externally activated by plugging a capability switch (not included) into a jack on the side. POWER

Toby Tracheasaurus Plush Toy & Toby Tracheasaurus Puppet

The Toby Tracheasaurus Plush Toy and and Toby Tracheasaurus Puppet are educational toys designed for use with children with tracheostomies. Both the plush toy and the puppet come with a Shiley tracheostomy tube and a Passy-Muir Speaking Valve (see separate entry) to provide therapists and caregivers with an introduction to therapy for children with tracheostomies and facilitate vocalization.

Video Voice Speech Training System, Version 3.0

The Video Voice Speech Training System, Version 3.0 is a speech teaching software program designed for use with individuals with speech disabilities. The software provides graphic representations of vocal sounds on a color monitor. A variety of games and visual displays aid in vowel production, word articulation, pitch and volume control, duration, inflection, speaking rate, connected speech, and other elements of speech. The therapist controls the program content, reward levels, and other aspec

Voice Switch

The Voice Switch is a sound-based control switch designed for use by individuals with neurological or severe physical disabilities, and a sound production training device designed for use by individuals with speech disabilities. This device provides a switch closure to control connected assistive technology in response to sound production, and it can be used to train sound production capability by persons with speech disabilities, including persons who have limited ability to produce sounds with


---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a theurputic training aid to assist deaf/mute children to speak effectively. The VV-Talker is designed for children who are deaf and/or mute to assist them in overcoming difficulties in speaking effectively. Since they cannot hear the sounds a hearing person makes, it is difficult to know if they pronouncing words or sounds correctly. The VV-Talker has two components - a vibration detector that with a handle that fits around the front of

Waveform Display System (Model 6091)

The Waveform Display System, model 6091, is a speech teaching device designed to work in conjunction with the Visi-Pitch Model 6087AT (see separate entry) for displaying LX waveforms on a computer. The system permits instantaneous display of phonatory changes in the LX waveform. A split screen permits comparison of the two waveforms. The system consists of a plug-in card for the computer plus software. COMPATIBILITY: For use on IBM PC computers.

Zavox Speech Amplifier

ZaVox is a small, portable speech amplifier designed for use by people with speech disabilities. It can be worn around the waist on a belt. A small multi-directional microphone can be held in a variety of positions. However, better results are achieved when the microphone is closest to the mouth. The voice is amplified through the main unit amplifier, and the speaker cone is constructed of durable polyester. One push-button turns the unit on and off, and two push-buttons control the output volum

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