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Aacorn is an "intelligent" augmentative assistive communications solution (AAC) for children with autism, apraxia, downs, ms, and developmentally delayed language. This app can help children who are non-verbal and pre-literate communicate. This product is a very child friendly design and a new system of presenting words "as they are needed" via a dynamically changing word tree with branching pathways.

Animal Cracker Oral Motor Exercise with Shape Identification

Clarity Symbol Set

The Clarity™ Symbol Set is a colorful symbol set from Liberator (a Prentke Romich Company) designed for children with communication disabilities to allow them to communicate easier with others. This symbol set comprises over 40,000 symbols covering all aspects of language use. Many of the symbols contain grammatical markers to help learners to develop language, syntax, and literacy skills. Clarity Symbols are rule driven and logical. Clarity supports education by providing 3D pictures of compute


DecTalk voices by SpeechFX is additional software for Prentke Romich Company communication devices made for children with communication disabilities. This communication software is precise and easy to understand. Tone and speed within NuVoice can be manipulated and customized. This package includes nine different voices, representing a diverse set of options for users to assign for speech, prompts or both.

Ornamin Thermo Range: Thermo Mug - Model 210

The Ornamin Thermo Range: Thermo Mug - Model 210 is an ergonomic drinking mug designed for users with restricted movement of the neck to drink easily. These Thermo mugs have large ergonomic sized handles for easy and safe grasp. These mugs also have a hidden Thermo function, which ensures that hot drinks remain hot and cold beverages stay cool for longer. The Thermo Mug Vital has an internal cone that assists the drinking action. The function in the design of the Vital Mug is hidden therefore us

Speak it!

Speak it! is text to speech application designed for people with learning and communication disabilities. The user can copy emails, documents, web pages, PDF files, and more; paste them into Speak it!, and have the text spoken back with quality text to speech engine available anywhere. The user can even create the same quality audio files of the text to speech which can then be emailed to anyone. Speak it! can make announcements using a Public Address system. The user can set up a list of pre-ma

Tobii Dynavox Compass

Tobii Dynavox Compass is a communication app that provides communication solutions for non-verbal individuals including individuals with autism, cerebral palsy, aphasia, apraxia, Down syndrome, developmental disabilities, ALS, Stroke, and Traumatic Brain injury. This app includes cloud technology. This product is compatible with iPad, iPad Mini, and Windows Tablet. It comes with all the communication tools, preloaded messages, symbols, core word strategies, and supports that come included with o

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