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Rotating Cylinder Switch

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Glitter Roll Music Box & Switch (Model 696)

The Glitter Roll Music Box and Switch, (model 696), is a rotating cylinder switch and adapted music box designed to provide multi-sensory stimulation for children with physical, cognitive and/or sensory disabilities. The clear cylindrical roller contains a potpourri of sparkling shapes which, when rotated, activates the music box. The cylinder is mounted on a white plastic base with suction cup feet. The device can also be used as an external capability switch without music when connected to a t

Roller Switch Music Box (Model 880)

The Roller Switch Music Box, model 880, is a wooden cylinder switch designed to play music or act as a switch for individuals who are have physcial, cognitive or sensory disabilities. When a toy or appliance is attached, it will turn on when the cylinder is rolled in either direction. The switch will play music when no device is attached. POWER:Uses two double-A batteries. DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): 8.75 x 5.25 x 2 inches.

Textured Roller Switch (Models 642 & 639)

The Textured Roller Switch is a rotating cylinder switch designed for use by individuals with severe physical and upper extremity disabilities. The surface of this switch is covered with small bumps to create a somatosensory experience and encourage the user to activate the switch. Model 642 is a switch only and activates a connected toy or device when the drum is spun. Model 639 can be used as a switch and/or a sensory toy. When th drum is spun, it activates music, lights, and vibrations. POWER

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