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Environmental Control Switch

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iClick Environmental Control

The iClick Environmental Control is a device designed for users with upper extremity and severe physical disabilities to allow them to operate up to two electrical appliances with an iPad or switches without room installations. With the iClick Environmental Control, users can turn electrical appliances on and off wirelessly using the free iClick app on the iPad. iClick also supports SimplyWorks wireless switches and any type of wired switch. iClick has two sockets that can be controlled independ

AbleNet PowerLink 4 Cotnrol Unit plus 2 Jelly Beamers Kit

The AbleNet PowerLink 4 Cotnrol Unit plus 2 Jelly Beamers Kit is an environmental control unit designed for individuals with upper extremity and emotional disabilities. This kit promotes participation in a broad range of activities, independence and self-esteem for switch users. Built in Linkable wireless technology combined with the Jelly Beamer wireless switches allow students to easily and safely activate appliances for activity inclusion from anywhere without having to move around. Intuitive

Freeswitch Max (Model Fsm-100)

FreeSwitch Max, model FSM-100, is a scanning remote control switch designed for use by individuals with severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. It allows wireless activation of nearly any AC (alternating current) appliance, including lamps, blow dryers, fans, and popcorn makers. The system is X-10 compatible. Appliances can be activated through direct selection by touching the keypad or an external switch. For example, by connecting a Pal Pad external switch (see separate entry) to t

New Bed Controller

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a customized adaptation of a bed controller for a person with quadriplegia. Upon receiving a new bed this individual find the new bed controller difficult to use. A controller was adapted from original toggle-style switches and an old control box similar to the device previously used by this individual. The existing cable between the bed and the new controller was built into the controller therefore a new cable was needed for the adapted device. First a cab

Silent Gliss

Silent Gliss Curtain Control is designed for use by individuals with limited physical mobility as a result of a spinal cord injury, stroke, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Multiple Sclerosis.  Silent Gliss curtain control allows the remote opening and closing of existing curtains via the Silent Gliss infrared motorized track. Users are able to control amount of sunlight passing through the window with the press of a button or a blink of an eye.  The track is neat and discreet and will wor

Ultra One Receiver (Models 341131 & 34136)

The Ultra One Receiver is an environmental control switch designed to enable individulas with severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury to operate electrical appliances using Ultra One transmitters (see also separate entry). Designed for use with battery- or switch-adapted devices, this receiver is equipped with a 1/8-inch mono switch plug that connects to the device to be controlled. This non-latching receiver is color coded to receive the ultrasound signal from the corresponding trans

Ultra One Red Button Transmitter (Model 34130) & Ultra One Yellow Button Transmitter (Model 34135)

The Ultra One Red Button Transmitter, model 34130, and the Ultra One Yellow Button Transmitter, model 34135, are environmental control switches designed to enable individuals with upper extremity or severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury to operate electrical appliances. Once an appliance is connected to the corresponding Power Module (see also separate entry) or Ultra One Receiver (see also separate entry), pressing anywhere on the surface of this large button will activate the devi

Wafer Switch (Model 50180)

The Wafer Switch, model 50180, is a touch switch designed with five membrane switches in one low-profile housing designed for use by individuals with gross motor skill use and a large range of motion. This switch is a multiple switch used to control any device that requires five single switches for operation, such a as a wheelchair or a communication aid. It may also be used to control up to five separate devices which are operated with a single switch. This switch has five large, slightly reces


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