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Computer Aided Design Program

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Goodreader 4

GoodReader 4 is an iTunes application that can help individuals with communication problems by organizing PDFs of very large size, TXT documents with high-resolution graphics and pictures, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML files, and Safari web archives. Regarding audio and video files it is natively supported by IOS. Compatible with iPhone and iPad. Version 4.3.0 offers a “WiFi only” option for scheduled Auto Sync in App settings. SIZE: 40.7 megabytes. LANGUAGE: English only.

Robocad Pc

Computer aided design software for IBM PC, XT or AT running DOS 2.1 or higher, with 640K RAM, monochrome Hercules Graphics Card, mouse or digitizing tablet. Features automatic constructions, magnetized cursor, polar and cartesian snap grids, a visual index to catalog drawings, flexible "handles" upon which drawing is rotated, and autodimensioning utility measures.

Voice Ez Cad

VoiceEZcad is a voice input program designed to enable persons with upper extremity disabilities to operate AutoCAD 13/14, a computer aided design program. VoiceEZcad was developed in cooperation with a certified AutoCAD training center/dealer. It allows the user to run AutoCad without using a keyboard or mouse. A printed manual/tutorial is included. COMPATIBILITY: For use on IBM or compatible computers. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: DragonDictate; a 300 megahertz (MHz) or faster processor, 128 megabytes

Parent Category: Graphics and Design

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