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Books On Cd-Rom

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Books on CD-ROM are digital book libraries designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. Each CD-ROM library contains hundreds of titles in unencrypted electronic text format. Most titles date from before 1920 and are out of copyright. The books are readable with a wide variety of voice output and large print devices and software, so readers can control type size, font, and other characteristics of presentation to suit their needs and tastes. The plain text books on these CD-ROM's are organized in directories based on content, with file names that are the full names of the books, and with an HTML (hypertext markup language) index with hyperlinks to the full text of every book. The Windows Search function can be used to search for specific text content (e.g., to find books that contain the phrase "to be, or not to be"). The books can be read using web browsers such as Netscape, Internet Explorer, and Opera, or word processor programs such as Microsoft Word, Wordpad, and Notepad. Seven digital book libraries are available: A Religion digital book library with 84 books, including the complete King James Bible and texts from a variety of world religions; a Non-Fiction digital book library with 695 books; a World Literature digital book library with 495 books; a British Literature digital book library with 864 books; an American Literature digital book library with 412 books; a Children's Books digital book library with 211 books; and an "Our World" digital book library with over 2200 files from the United Nations, over 1200 files from NATO, and over 1200 files from the CIA World Factbook, providing up-to-date information about every country in the world.


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